I can't get over my Ex
I broke her heart and it makes me sad knowing that
my brain has demons in it
i hear voices sometimes
im depressed
Im lonely
my phone is ****** so i can't text someone special
no one cares about me
Seeing cute couples make me feel sick in the stomach
Im turning into a monster
And to top it all off im falling for a girl that has no clue i like her
BlakeA101 BlakeA101
18-21, M
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Seeing cute couples make me feel that way too.

Exes are hard to get over especially if you are the one at fault. You just have to take it one day at a time and fill your day with better stuff to keep you and your mind busy. If someone is no longer in your life then all that means is their part in your story is over. I'm sure you don't have demons in your brain unless you are referring to your past as being a demon. If you are hearing voices then always listen to the good one. If you are alive then there's always another chance to change your life. 90% of the world is lonely but this place is a good start. Sounds as if you are going through phone withdrawals those are the worst. I'm sure people care about you. Stop focusing on what you don't have and look at what you do. I think you are just bored. It will be better once you make it better. Stop thinking so negatively! And in my experience the thrill of the chase is the best part. Just go slow and enjoy it. Life is hard but I think you will be just fine as long as you slow down and remember to enjoy it. ;)

Thank you very much

if i could do half the things you've listed i would be fine but I've tried and failed unfortunately and the only thing helping me at all is becoming harder and harder to do with all these problems

Oh and the phone bit is she can't receive my messages at all but everyone else i text can just fine

I know it's easier said than done. It sucks that you are going through this. I didn't mean to sound campy like "la la la get over it". I only wanted to let you know that one day these won't be problems and that there is another side once you make it out of this. Why can't you just tell the girl how you feel?

Cause her phone doesn't receive my messages for some reason, i have no clue if the reason is she doesn't want to talk to me anymore but im 99.9% it isnt. Every other contact i can text and call but just not her for some reason

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