Always Scared of Storms.

I have been afraid of storms since I was a little girl.  I have a vague memory of being only two years old and watching a tree come down in the backyard during a tornado.  Now that I am older I don't get as spooked during storms, but if I know it's a tornado I still get panic attacks.  I'm so scared that it's gonna come right through my house.  And here in the south, in the spring and summer, they just come out of nowhere.  You could be lounging poolside in the sun one minute, and running for cover the next.

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I watch those storm chaser shows and I wonder how they can be so stupid! You see a huge tornado about a mile away from these idiots, barreling its way towards them!

I love a good storm, but it is good to be afraid of a tornado. I'll bet a lot of people are dead from lack of a healthy fear of severe weather.

LOL! I used to freak out anytime I heard sirens. It was so funny. I would hold my ears and squeeze my eyes tight. I was so afraid of firemen because of their masks, I told my mom that if the house was on fire and they came for me I would hide from them in my closet!

People always make me feel dumb for being scared of storms, but I can't help it! When I was like three, I was terrified of the weather man on the local news because I thought he made storms. Well, my mom told me that he drove a motorcycle (I was afraid of motorcycles, I was afraid of anything that made a loud noise). If I was being bad she would tell me "Ray Bolin is coming!" LOL! One night it was storming and a motorcycle came down the road and I was screaming crying lol!

Well I am happy to say that my new house has a big bathroom closet so I can crawl in there in case of a storm and be safe =D

I live in a tornado area too, and last year one came thru my part of town. I heard the siren and took my cats and sat in the bathroom. I wasn't terrified, but I had a very healthy fear. Your childhood experience really made an impact on you. Outside of living where you have a real safe room, I don't what to tell you to reassure you. They do come out of the blue sometimes. Get one of those weather radios, so you have plenty of warning. Put together a survival pack (batteries, neccessities, etc) and store it in the safest room you can find (bathroom, inner closet). maybe that will give you more confidence that you are as prepared as you can be.

Thank God we haven't experienced any recently. But one time one was headed right to our small town so I made my mom drive me in another direction lol