Obviously tornados are something to be feared. My fear though is quite extreme. I lived in central Texas for 4 years, and while I never experienced a tornado while I was there, I was soooo inrcedibly terrified one would come. Every time a storm came I would have a horrible panic attack. I would always get in my car and drive to a relatives house. I simply couldn't handle it alone. I thought my family was crazy, they would always set themselves up in the lawn chairs in the garage and watch the storm! Not me! I was huddled in a corner in the house trying not to stroke out from the anxiety.

Now, I'm back home in Colorado, and they're not as common around here... but it still happens. Last year, it was raining, and there was wind and such. I was pretty tense already, because of the weather situation... but then the dreaded Emergency Alert System came on the tv, and what do you know? A tornado warning has been issued for exactly where I am, with a suspected funnel cloud spotted only 4 miles away from my house.

What do I do? Haha, I get in my car and start driving to my mom's house. Well, while driving through my neighborhood the even MORE terrifying SIRENS started going off... you know the sound, like an air raid siren. I'm in a state of complete panic now, and now I'm terrified I'll drive right into one! 

So... I took a slight detour and went to my brother's house instead (still in the same town) All their neighbors are standing around outside looking at the sky... NOT ME, I dash into the house and hunker down.

Well, nothing happened, there was no tornado. My brother came in and said "What are you doing here?" I told him I was frightened from the storm and he just laughed at my silliness. I did feel rather silly.

I went through a tornado as a child, and I don't have any idea if this contributes to my fear or not. Our house was not damaged, and nobody was injured... but, it was still very frightening. Anyways, who knows where this comes from, but at least it doesn't happen too often.

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Mar 12, 2009