I think freedom of sexuality is something that we all need and very few of us have.
I think sexual pleasure is a legitimate thing to want and ethically pursue.
I do not judge people for the (consensual) sex that they have or want.
I do not tolerate ****-shaming.
I do not tolerate hatred of people based on gender or orientation.
I do not tolerate hatred of sex workers.
I believe comprehensive, honest, non-judgmental sex education is necessary for public health and happiness.
I think understanding of sexual consent—what it is, why it matters—is sorely lacking in society and crucially important.
I reject preconceptions of what kind of sexuality a person should have, whether these preconceptions are based on gender, age, culture, disability, survivor status, or basically anything else.
I value people’s individual freedom of choice in determining their sex lives (including the choices not to have sex).

I'm not saying that everyone should have sex.
I'm not saying that everyone should have kinky, non-monogamous, exhibitionistic, pansexual sex.
I'm not saying that accepting someone’s sexuality means you have to participate in it, watch them engage in it, or hear about it in detail.
I'm not saying that nothing related to sex is ever hurtful for anyone.
I'm not saying that sex fixes everything.
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