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I Love Watching Guys Puke

I love watching people puke... it turns me on sexually. It instantly makes me horny. It works with everyone basically, but I love watching guys puke the most. I don't care what causes the puking, but it's extremely hot when guys make themselves puke by sticking their fingers or other objects down their throats. Right now I just watch videos of puking people, but in the future I hope to be able/ allowed to watch someone puke "live" with me present. I'd love to know if there's anyone out there who shares this interest with me.
pukeboy pukeboy 22-25, M 21 Responses Jan 31, 2011

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When was the last time you puked, Pukeboy?

I didnt think anyone else enjoyed it as much as me, but I think you do! :-)

I certainly love to see this as well. I like to hear the sounds. The means to why a guy is puking doesn't really matter to me much, but seeing them trying to puke by using their fingers or just being able to do so on their own is a big turn on to me. I wish I knew someone around who was also into this or had a regular source I could watch

can u send me a puke video i would love to see u puke

I don't send puke videos. If you want to see me puke, you have to add me on Skype

i love puke man. You could puke all overt face

What do you love about puke? And do you mean I could puke all over your face? How would you like me to do that? Over-eat or drink until I vomit or would you prefer having me force myself to puke? Maybe you want to help me puke as well?

I like the gaggin noise but mostly what's the turn on for me is that me being there to rub their back and comfort them

I like to induce people to vomit. I like the smell of vomit. I do not eat it, but I love to smell and look at it. I could watch people vomit all day...I think it's sexy...

How do you do it? Inducing people to vomit, I mean. Do they ask you to? I'd really like to know how you come across situation where you can do that. Your message really intrigues me.

It is simple...slip them a bit of ipecac in a drink of sweet tea..

this is an awesome idea!

For me is a turn on not just see a guy puking, but specially receive his vomit on my body, on my face even into my mouth when they are ******* me, it a total glory and an immediate ******. The dirtier the better.

I love watching boys puke to! When i was in 6th grade, my friend had a really weak stomach and he threw up twice at school without anyone noticing

Take your boyfriend whale watching and have him stay below to be warm. You will see him puke guarantied :)

guys puke on me. i try to catch as much as possible in my mouth, but lick up everything i miss. it's very hot.

i love seeing guys puke , it's a huge turn on for me , i had a partner a few years back with a weak stomach and used to puke a lot , i told him about my fetish and used to invite me into the bathroom to watch him , he agreed to puke on me and i scooped it up and ate it , was so horny !!!!!

I'd puke for you

I didn't realize that puking men turned so many people on as it does me. Has anyone ever let another man puke into his own mouth and then swallowed it? That would be such a friggin'<br />
turn on for me !!!!!

Yeah, I was screwing/seeing a guy for a couple of years and he loved puking for me. I'd feed him dinner and a couple of beers then force him to take my **** deep down his throat until he puked all over my **** and balls - just to "prime the pump". Then I'd **** him from underneath while shoving my fingers down his throat to make him spew in my mouth so we could snog with his puke, while he rode my **** covered in his puked up dinner. HOT TIMES!! Sex could often last for most of the weekend ;-)

yes i've had two guys puke into my mouth , i've also scooped up a couple of guys guys fresh puke and eaten it while they watched !!!

Im a straight woman, but I love to see pregnant women puke. it freakin turns me on like no other.

I've always wanted to see a pregnant woman puke

Yeah watching people puke and the gagging noises is so hot to me. I can throw up on command pretty much now. I quite enjoy it.

would you do a video of you puking?

Yes I would, but I don't make the gagging noises, which is half the sexy.

Yes it's common, and applies to myself, for people with severe bulimia to get so sick that their bodies begin to reject food, and they don't need their fingers to gag themselves any more, they just do it. It becomes a lot more dangerous. I have had an eating disorder for six years now. I do not recommend purging to anybody. It is the most lethal of mental illnesses, worse than anorexia. You will become severely dehydrated, your stomach will not digest food properly, your hair will fall out, and your stomach will produce more acid resulting in ulcers in your throat and stomach. Your muscles will become weaker and seize up, your electrolytes will become imbalanced, and you will get heart problems too. Those are just some of the physical side effects I've experienced. It really ***** up you head too. You literally will go insane. I understand that you are most likely an emetophile too, but purging is highly addictive, and probably one of the worst habits to break. Besides, the sexual experience is a lot more rewarding if you just do it when you feel nauseous, and vomit naturally. I hope this didn't come across as sounding rude, I just must say that getting into bulimia is a bad idea in the first place, and nearly impossible to stop on your own. Please be careful.

i am definately right there with you. i get hott from watching guys puke as well. i wish i had the chance to see my best friend sick at least once but nope. lol guess i'll live.

I've actually experienced puking for me. My husband used to puke for me. Also on me dometimes


hey, I also like to see guys puke.<br />
<br />
It makes me quite horny and I would love to chat with you about it.

add me on msn: then we can chat about it

hey, I also like to see boys puke<br />
it makes me very hot too<br />
unfortunately I haven't seen it live yet

im interested, but i dont like to puke tho...<br />
id like to see you puke

you would like to see me puke? i'd do it if you do it
add me on msn:

hehe srry i cant puke, i just like watching boys do it cuz i think its sexy when they do it. i dont have a msn but i have yahoo &amp; skype. maybe we can chat about it or u could do a video of yourself puking. it would be really sexy.