What Does It For Me

I am sexually aroused by all guys puking but particularly younger guys.

I like hearing them heave and burp prior to puking. I like the action of them puking. I love seeing their stomach moving expelling the vomit or to dry heave. I also like seeing the guys cheeks fill out just prior to puking.

I get a feeling in my stomach then my **** starts to harden. I like to imagine me rubbing their back to ease they distress.

I have seen a few people do this in real life and have got to comfort a couple of them.
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8 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I feel the exact same way. Those are the exact things about guys puking that I enjoy too, expressed in perfect words. Totally feel ya

I thought I was the only one up until now!

This is exactly how I feel in every way

I have always fantasized about another man puking on me !

I have similar arousal over this fetish. Gay here as well, live in the US. Want to talk about it? yakthisup@yahoo.com


me too!

i have the exact same feeling as both of you

i feel the same way. id also like to feel their stomachs as they're expelling the vomit and listen to their noises