If you want to see a sexy guy vomit, take him whale watching or deep sea fishing. Encourage him to go below where it is warmer and within an hour he will up on deck and throwing up over the side. :)
Sounds evil, but it is soo hot.
bruceprt2005 bruceprt2005
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I love that idea, but unfortunately my bf is acclimatised to boating environments. It's endlessly frustrating

Sounds fun, I would do it, not to someone else but I would see if it would make me sick

Sexy :)

Does your belly heave when you vomit Mpsolija?

My stomach does heave and my **** jumps

Very very hot:) What do you look like?

Yummy :)

Yes sir, I bet you would like to see my puking over the side of the boat, having my stomach heave and see my crotch jump

I sure would:) Would like to hold your belly.

When would you like to go? :)

Do you enjoy vomiting?

Hell yeah I do enjoy vomiting!

How can I friend you?

I just sent u a message

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