However, ppl who try to use big, fancy words and don't completely understand them are quite the turn off. I read quite a bit online. Just because you throw them on there, make sure you are in the correct tense.
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Though you must admit how good it feels to learn a new word and find the perfect time to use it in conversation. My most hated word mixup is when people use the word mortified as meaning terrified. I feel like an annoying know-it-all for correcting them, but I can't stand hearing a word misused. The English language deserves better than that!

Couldn't agree more. People like to use a large fancy words to boost their ego. True smarts comes from being verse in many subjects not just a few fancy vocabulary words.

Not much less attractive than obtuse pedantry. 😉

Yeah, it's the difference between (quiet, confident) intelligence, and pretension. Trying to impress and show off isn't hot, but being smart is.