The Sex Machine.....

Ok... so I based a very long conversation from a previous post that I have been having with some TERRIFIC EP people here.... the subject came up on this "sex machine".... so I had to go google it to find out what it was and of course I felt it was my duty to share it with you... I MUST WARN you this IS NOT FOR THE FAINTHEARTED!! VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK!


For nearly a decade has been building luxury sex machines for both commercial and private clientele.  This has allowed us to experiment with the latest in sex technology beginning with the release of the world's first internet controlled sex machine, thethrillhammer EC01 back in January of 2001.  We soon realized that the sky is the limit on what we could design and build.  You are really only limited by your own budget.


Would you like an immersive environment where you could slip on Haptic gloves and actually feel your favorite **** star while being genitally aroused?  We can do that.  Would you like to be able to remotely control your lovers pleasure from anywhere in the world?  We can do that too.  Technology today allows for some amazing feats in the sexual arts.




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6 Responses Dec 30, 2008

Lol, imagine that, you could be getting nailed by some punk kid hacker wearing a virtual glove and not even know it.

OMG, where do I sign up. God I love technology!

Holy crap.... lol this has my falling off my chair...

omg this is crazy laughing soo hard

o my gosh hahahahah

omg laughing my butt off!