Getting Close!!!

So I first saw a shirt that said "Sexually Deprived For Your Freedom" like the week my husband left for BCT. Hahaha- When I got to see him on Family Day we got left alone in his room in his barracks and seriously if he hadnt of had to have formation we prolly would have gotten in trouble haha- and then the day he was able to leave base, we seriously like ran to my room. The hotel i stayed at had a training meeting thing going on for High Ranked Men/Women and the meeting room was in the same hall as my room and he was in Uniform so I couldnt hang on him!Haha and seriously im hoping we dont get in trouble in the Airport haha its been almost 6 months since we last were together! I am excited for our time alone! 

ProudArmyWife2007 ProudArmyWife2007
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3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

omg true true...<br />
i told my guy i was gonna hide him from the world when he gets back...i still have til the end of april<br />
oh god please make these months go by faster

I hear you! My man has only been gone a month but I told him that when he comes home for Iraq if he thinks he is doing anything besides coming straight home he is out of his mind. I told him I was going to kidnap him for at least a week.

definitely don't blame you lol.