But Not For Long!!!!!!!!!!!

omg ive almost forgotten what sex anytime you want it is like!!! never in my adult life have i gone so long without sex!! Ive been with my sexy marine nearly a year and if i tried i bet i could count how many times weve had sex ... thats just sad!

the one benefit to living life like we do is you really really really take advantage of sex when you can get it, and its really really good at least in part due to the fact that you know youre not gonna be getting any again for awhile.

BUT my marine recently made the decision NOT TO REENLIST, his eas is Aug 17th and let me tell you ladies, the thought of daily sex is enough to make me crazy! i cant wait! I cant wait to have him every night, wake up to him every morning, and I assure you we WILL be making up for lost time. I cant wait til hes ACTUALLY living here! he would get mad if he heard me say that because he says he already does live here, this is home but yall know what i mean... the barracks is where he lives.

I cant wait til I have him alllll to myself!! sorry uncle sam but youve had youre turn, hes all mine come august.

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3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

omg i know what you mean!!! every time i see him there's lots of sex... lol one day i accually refused to have sex untill that night bc it almost felt that we were using eachother ha ha..

Oh thats great girl! I am pretty pumped for you! Enjoy it and know that I am super super jealous!

have funny and enjoy<br />
my guy is re-enlisting come october<br />
yay a total of 7 more years dealing with deployments<br />