Im a Nympho....

Me and my bf love love love to have sex. we would have like 3 times a day when he was here. ever since he went to basic training its been killing me. I couldnt cheat on him because i love him to death and he is the best sex ive ever had. im gunna go crazy on him when all of his training gets over....its killing me!!

KingsQueen KingsQueen
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3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

go out buy a vibrator and go to town. thats what i did. <br />
Its tiding me over,(my man is in basic too) Its defiantly not as good lol, but it works for now. Whats keeping me strong is knowing how good it will be when he gets back!! & trust me hes wanting it just as much as you do!!

lol amasky, for Nymphos a week kills us ;) if that!!! but we will survive because we love our soldiers!!!

i know exactally what you're talking about!!! I'm the same way and yeah lots of sex when we see eachother... ramdom too... if we're in a hotel room we're always naked just to make things easier lol... hang in there and get a good vibrator!!! you'll make it and you both will go crazy when you see eachother.