We've Got a Plan (;

So my babycakes has been gone for over a month now cause he had to go to Alaska before he deployed. The one thing I can talk to him about to cheer him up is sex (: haha so I do.. we are both nymphos which normally works out for both of us.. but now hes gone..So we talk about it and the new stuff we want to try (which is hard to find something.) but at first we decided that when he got home I would be the only one who knew exactly when he got home so I could pick him up and then go to a hotel,then it turned into a day and now were at 2 days! so I'm going to pick him up from the airport and were going to  hotel for 2 days! no one else will even know hes in town yet.. I am soo excited and it a weird I'm a nympho type of way i think its really romantic.I get to be the only one at the airport when he gets home and I get to have him all to myself for 2 days,no interruptions.I'm really excited.Not just the sex.. I get to cuddle and feel him with me. I can not wait.I'm extremely excited.

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p.s you and your man are so cute together!! :)

holy crap I love it! lol :P I call my man Babycakes too!!! :) I didn't know that anyone else said that too ;) <br />
And I know the feeling with not being really sure of what kind of stuff there is to do next, it feels like we've done it all too.. But I'm also thinking about contraptions and this stuff called pleasure tape to like bind hands with and what not lol. I'm not really sure what all we should do on our first night to make it special, I'm defiantly buying some new lingerie :) The kind that has the little fasteners that go from the panties and attach to the stockings, heck yahh lol.

We've planned our little brains off. haha it build anticipation too! ehh.. his RR will be sometime over the summer and ohh man i canntt wait (:

lol well i love the story! when my matt came home for 2 weeks over christmas break... we got a hotel room just so no one would bother us... and it worked out to our advantage... his parents thought he was coming home the next day... and my parents thought i was hanging out with my friends... and doin stuff for college... we are kinda nymphos too... we get our kicks... and we always talk about things we want to do when he comes home...

he he ;) have loads of fun!!!

OHH MANNN!!! mee tooo!! haha i've already bought contraptions! hes excited (;

Ha Ha it's a good feeling being the only one there when he get's off of the plane :) I'm usually the only one there too... It's not because no one knows or they don't want to be there or that we don't want them there but I like like 10 minutes away from the air port and they would have a 5 hour drive there and 5 hours back. and when i drive him up it's just easier and cheeper to do it that way :D lol have fun in the hotel room!!! ha ha I like to tie mine up and drive him crazy :) i love the look of pleasure on his face and knowing i put it there :D

yeah I dont even know then next time I get to see him right now..SO you might get to have your man before I get to have mine! haha

Thats a good idea!!! lol...me and my bf are also nymphos lol....theres nothin wrong with alotta sex when you love someone...cant wait tell my man gets here....and im also jealous of you..i dont get none tell november!! errr...but you have fun lol