Deprived? Umm Duh!

well im in college... and away from home... (not too far but far enough)... anyway... my girls and i like to talk about sex... bc we all like sex... (duh!) well we all have our own stories and experiences to talk about... so our convos can get pretty intense.... but lately... they have been bringing their guys around even more than usual... and they keep throwing the sex factor in my face... matt was home for 2 weeks over christmas break... and of course since we are both deprived... we had to have sex before he left... but that was on jan 2... and he wont be home til april... so deprived of sex???? HELL YES i am! but i love matt and i wouldnt change this life for anything... i choose to live this way... no one is forcing this life on me... but the whole no sex factor does suck! so my girls are just gonna have to hear all about it when he comes home again... until then... they dont get to hear anything and i have to listen to them... so they cant complain when i want to talk later... but their favorite joke to say to me is... "kayla idk how you do it! you are the kinkiest mother f***er i know... how can you NOT have sex for this long?" they get a kick out of it ALL the time! I just tell them i can live with it bc i know my man is out there serving this country... and they get to see their boyfriends bc of my boyfriend... then they just shut up.... and i get my kick... ;)

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Well.... UPDATE!!!! It's gonna be even longer now... Matt just broke up with me... he comes home in less than 2 weeks... and yeah I am pissed! So girls... if you know of any other marines who need a girl or at least someone to talk to... send them my way ;)<br />
Thanks! (on and my girls from high school bought me a vibrator for graduation since Matt had just left for Iraq at that point... it was hilarious... but its def not as good as Matt was!)

Ask them if they have ever done it with a soldier! LOL! I'd rather be deprived when he's gone than have lots of sex with a civilian! Soldiers do it best!!

lmao, I feel ya girl, I do. My man left in Jan and won't be back til April, I'm dying over here! (he bought me a vibrator before he left tho :P) But its defiantly Not as good!! lol But just think of how magical it'll be when he finally comes back!!<br />
<br />
I want my man back!! lol :P

lol ha ha i totally would have a **** load of sex like all the time!!!! and i was just with my friends and like all we talked about was sex!!! i love my friends!!! they are the best a person can have!! i wish all of you guys could have friends like mine!!! my one friend lives with her boy friend and I know they have sex all of the time!!! but she talks about it in past tence along with every one else and i know they don't understand my pain but the sure as hell know how to cheer me up lol :)