Okay, What Should I Do??

   So, My man is graduating from basic/ait on April the 24th (yay 47 days)& I'm flying over there for that weekend to go to his Turning blue & his grad, and our "first night" back together will be spent with his grandparents, :( they have a house in Georgia they're going to be staying at during that weekend & we're going to stay there with them on the night of the 24th (because our flight out isn't until he 25th.) And I'm going to want him sooo bad, I dunno how I'll be able to contain myself (his grandparents are always sure to have us sleep in different rooms when we go visit them, lame. But I respect them and don't want to think badly of me or him) So my question is what the heck am I supposed to do!? do we borrow the car and go out to dinner, and like fool around in the car, & possibly do it in the car??? (which would be awkward, because I've never had sex in a car before..& that wouldn't be romantic at all) OR do we wait til we get home and then just go at it?? :P or something in between the two scenarios? Either way its going to be a very LONG wait...

  What do you think??

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go out for a ride and stop somewhere. i agree with what was said earlier, when its that long away from each other the car is very romantic lol.

he he sneeking into his room would totally be awesome cuz of the risk factor of it!!! just remember to sneek out b4 the grandparents wake up... you could "go for a walk in the woods" if that's available... make sure to act like yer going on a "picknik" or "going to lay down and look at the stars/clouds" so you could bring a blanket :) the car isn't a bad idea... i've done it in the drivers seat of my '95 ford escort before with no problem at all :)

I think you should sneak in his room in the middle of the night..... I makes it that much hotter!!! lol **** I would!

lol :) thanks ladies, His grandparents car (the one we'd be using while in Georgia, for the night of the 24th) Is a Toyota Highlander but my car is a toyota corolla :( mines kinda small but we could prolly make it work :P lol

youd b surprised but the car can b quite romantic lol... does depend on the size of the car tho lol. =/ i agree with the girls, spice it up! you have the opportunity to have him, dont miss it! =D

Exactly what I was going to say....

Stop and find a place. Add a little excitment to it. The adventure of not getting caught. lol .x