Sexually Dissatisfied Girl

I am a 25 year old woman, married to a 37 year old man ...we get along really well despite the age difference in all other matters except for sex. We have lived  together for one year only and already our sex is down to once a month! In the beginning I used to ask for it and initiate it but wouldn't get a response from him, he would just shrug it off and tell me to go sleep. We would do it only when he was in the mood, and I always felt to punish him, I would think I will do the same to him by refusing him, but by the time he asks for it, I am so sexually starved that I just do it. Also, there is no foreplay, no touching no experimenting., just boring one position. I don't even feel like having sex now, in fact I think I have developed some kind of mental block to it now. I get severe pain during intercourse, and I did get a physical check up and tests done by a doctor and they found nothing wrong! I just try to tell myself that it's not important, we get along fairly well other wise but I am only  25 and I don't want to spend the rest of my life like this!

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Instead of you checking with doctor, have you made him to check? It is a man's role to call and do the action. When he has not done, it is his mistake. He cannot waste your marriage. Let him seek elder's advice and move well with you. Ask him to consult seniors to overcome any problem in case he is not willing to share such things directly with you.

Wow... and I thought I was the only one. I so can relate with you. I mean everything down to the T! I joined this site just because I saw your post and also looking for help as well. I'm sorry I'm no good in giving advice. But you have inspired me to continue my research.