Domination Story - Bdsm

I like to see my beloved walking around in nothing but a leather collar round her neck and broad leather cuffs on wrists and ankles. They are all provided with D-rings to attach snap hooks of course but it is not always about restraint. It has more to do with ownership. For her part, she likes the escapism from an everyday life with many responsibilities which being dominated in the bedroom brings, and loves the feel of stiff leather closing round her throat.
I sat in the bedroom that evening, watching her undress. I called her over to me. As she stood naked before me I took first one hand, then the other, and bound the wrist cuffs gently but tightly. I stood up and held her close to me, feeling the warmth of her body against mine while reaching around her neck and fastening the collar. The nipple clamps were next to go on. I teased and kissed at her nipples until they were plump and full and then tugged them between the vicious serrations of the improvised clamps, to be mashed flat at the turn of a screw. I clipped a length of chain to the ring on her collar and led her to the bed, ordering her to lie face-down. I fastened the cuffs of the leg-spreader to her ankles and stood back to admire the view.
Already her thick viscous juices were trickling between her parted **** lips. The air was charged with the smell of them. And of her fear. The first smack landed square on the left buttock with a most satisfying sound. She yelped in pain and astonishment but not as much as when the second blow landed. Not, as anticipated, on the opposite side, but in exactly the same spot. I had the flogger, the leather paddle and the riding crop handy but in the event I didn't need to use them. A few well-placed slaps with an open hand soon reduced her to tears and had her begging me to stop, though without resorting to our safe word.
I was inclined towards mercy, so I helped her up, unbuckled one of the ankle straps and led her round the bed to the other side with her carrying her leg spreader by the free end to compound her indignity. I had her lay on her back, rejoined her ankles with the steel bar and, pushing it up over her head, ****** her hard as I almost folded her in half.
But I didn't want to come just yet.
Besides, there was her ****** to think about.
I'm sure that she won't be offended when I say that she is not very practiced at ************ herself: She says I satisfy all her needs in that department. Tonight however I was going to make her **** herself and I was going to **** over her while I watched.
She resisted initially. "What if I won't?" She said, belligerently.
I was ready for this. A few well-placed smacks with the riding crop on her breasts, the inside of her thighs and on her **** lips soon brought her round to my way of thinking.
The two nipple clamps were joined by a cord. I put this in her mouth so that by moving her head she could tug on her nipples.
Her cuffed hands lay in her lap and, with a little more encouragement she started hooking her fingers up inside her **** and arching her back, rolling from side to side and making herself splay-legged in her increasingly desperate attempts to close her thighs against the restraint of the spreader bar.

I know this is pure torture for her as, with her legs spread, her ****** is delayed almost indefinitely. She became more and more desperate for release, rubbing her clitoris raw and straining her head back again and again, tearing at her captive nipples. And all the time I stood over her, watching the performance and stroking my ****, taking myself to the edge and then stepping back, saving myself until she came. Come she did at last, with a cry of despair and of exhaustion. Her whole body went limp and she seemed neither to know nor care as I splashed my ***** on her skin from her neck to her navel. As I moved in closer, however, to smear the ***** all over her **** she lifted her head towards me and whispered the words I wanted to hear…
"You bastard
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very nice....

What a lovely story of true bondage and pure enjoyment by both of you. Ioved reading, Sir:)

You did a GREAT job!! Could have not done any better myself!!<br />
<br />
Master Giley {T} {C}