I'm Thirsty For Sex

My boyfriend and I were like together for 15 months now. Before, the sex was great! ONCE or TWICE a week (that's enough for me because were still studying - He's 16, I'm 17). But after several months have passed, well... from once or twice a week to never in two months.

He was the best sex I ever had! At a young age he was so good, like an expert. He has full of ideas about sex. One time he surprised me by blind folding me. But now, I don't know what happened to him.

He's now boring me! Before, even in public he secretly touches my boobs. But now? I only get lucky if he holds my hand.

I tried asking him why is he like this, he told me he was very horny. but he was afraid to get me pregnant. I told him we could use protection as I am also taking antibiotics (prescribed by my doctor due to my heart ailments) that could abort or could also be used as contraception pills. But he's still the same. 

He's so boring!! I want to leave him, but I can't,I really love him and I cared for him.

But the spark is now gone!
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If you love him, then sex shouldn't be the ONLY reason for your relationship to maintain. But if you really miss having sex with him, then surprise him instead! Be sexy towards him! Give him a hard one, tease him and play a little hard to get when it gets him. mastru**** in front of him.. Idk. He will get aroused for sure. My girlfriend does it to me a lot and I always take bait after it. But really though...If its only sex you are lusting for. More than the relationship itself... Then I'm sorry to say it, but that's stupid. Don't risk the whole thing for a small thing that you lack in life. He loves you and that is more valuable than sex! Just tell him that you will buy a dild0 if he wont do it and have sex with a toy as an replacement. LOVE however is not replaceable....But anyway.. There must be a reason why he refuses to have much sex. Try asking him if he can finger you instead or let you rub his d*ck? If he refuses this too! Then there is something wrong with him.

Whatever you decide, make sure to use condoms (98% effective if used correctly), birth control pills (99.9%), or another medically approved contraceptive.
There is little clinical evidence that antibiotics create any dramatic risk of preventing you from getting pregnant.
Anyway, on the issue at hand, I know how you feel because I am going through the same thing and many female writers here have the same complaint. Apparently, its an issue for women just as much, if not more so, than men (so finding a new guy may not help...it sounds like a common problem).
I've talked to my guy several times and things would change for a time but go back to a decreasing trend in sex. There is simply not as much sexual excitement as during the initial chase. He admitted his basic reason was that sex felt like work to him and didn't fill his desire for instant gratification. However, he is trying, we love each other, and when I brought it up recently and expressed how important it was to me, how it was making me feel unwanted and horrible to always initiate and get rejected, he made a plan. He decided he would try thinking of it as something to make me happy and therefore important to do despite feeling like work, and that he would ask me once a day if I wanted sex, and follow through if I did. He will type a daily log of his behaviors and thought patterns on the issue. He will try not to ********** in lieu of sex. The purpose is for him to change his thought pattern while also changing behaviors, and hopefully ingraining a new habit in himself (he came up with all this as a "treatment plan"... he is a Counselor! lol) Anyway, maybe talking to your guy about doing something like this could help. Make sure he knows its a big deal to you and really hurting you.

whats ur phone number....

i know. it just remains a plan. lol

the longer you wait the harder it will be to leave, trust me ;-)