I Just Can't Do It!

Growing up I have always been interested about human sexuality. To the extreme to where I would read medical books about the sexual reproductive systems and sexuality. The therapy woman always found this to be abnormal. During my first 18 years of life, I learned about the dangers of sex and sexual crimes from the family because of what they went through. During middle school, the people around me started exploring sex. Of course I didn't because I was not ready for it. Once high school came around sex was like a normal everyday thing. I still did not feel ready for it. I didn't want to risk college and the future over a few hours of sex. But now that I'm eighteen years old, I have the option of having sex. With the pill of course. But it seems like every time I have sex (or any sexual activity) I feel that the future is in my hand. I get reminded of my mortician school and how it will all fail over sex/pregnancy. I can't ever enjoy even making out with out freaking out. :( 
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4 Responses Nov 3, 2011

A good hypnotherapistwould help greatly. On the other hand if you have a really good partner who treats you as a special person, caresses you and is gentle with you, to bring to that hightened state in the most sensual way, then you only need to accept that sex is a pleasure, not a punishment. if that helps...

Stop messing with sex & wait until you find the right guy who wants to be your friend, your companion, your comforter, the guy who wants to wait, take things slowly, kiss & cuddle, hold hands, share fun & excitement, then & only then, when your man eventually seduces you into lovemaking together can you properly consider that stupid & awful desc<x>ription of a wonderful act that some idiots just call 'sex'!

what he ssaid! (roger)

your issue isn't sex per say or even the act. you've built up aprehension over the act and it's to the point where it's debilitatating. Being sensual and sexual are components of a balanced life (with yourself or with a partner). Seek professional guidance as you are dealing with an ingrained habit that you need to replace and essentially need to 'desentizie' yourself surrounding the feelings about having sex.