Betwixed And Between There's Always Me

Well I have always been a sexual creature. Had boyfriends on and off. No regrets because I want to end up happy and satisfied unlike the majority of married couples out there. I didn't really care about marriage much because I always managed to keep things interesting. Then I met my present bf and we had a passionate start but things got rocky and the sex faded and it really hurt to be rejected several times. And now he lives in another state without me, and it was temporary but now it's a little less ..........temporary.........I never felt rejected except in my failing relationships when stressed out men seem to loose their sexual prowess and so I've moved onto myself. The one person who will never reject me or will always know what to do to turn me on.
Owleeeeease7 Owleeeeease7
36-40, F
Jun 1, 2012