I've only ever had sex three times and that's with my current bf who is also 16. He is very big at 7". The first time we had sex I knew he was big just by looking at it compared to my dads who mum has told me is over the average. We tried in the missionary position and it just wouldn't go in I was too tight . We tried using lube. After a lot of time and pain it went fully In.He has never lasted more than 10 minutes.
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7" isn't big. I'm a little over 11"

My tip for getting some better sex in the start of your career is to give each other some nice hand or oral before. Especially If he cannot last very long, give him a ******* or oral (or any other way you both like) and make him *** first. Then he can play with you, touch, lick what eve until he's hard again. He will last much longer and your hopefully very wet and ready! :D