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My Son

I just found out that my son plays with his little sister. Me and XXX "play" secret games she told me one day. He is 14 and she is only 6. I know siblings do play doctor etc. But this is more serious than that. This serious part is that I got horny when she told me. I actually got her to be very specific with the details because it excited me so much. I am an alone mother so my s e x life is very limited. Suddenly knowing that my 14 yo son is se x ual active got my attention! I have started to fantasize about him when I go to bed. It makes me come faster then ever. These nights starts with me asking my daughter if they have been doing secret games again. Later I look at my son a lot and when bedtime comes I come too :-) I have not ended their games because if my own interests in it. It has now been going in for about 3 months. I just wanted to share this with u.
Emma1966 Emma1966 46-50, F 21 Responses Mar 2, 2013

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You should substitute yourself to take your sons mind off of your daughter.

Have you startted your own games with him?

Are there games still going on

as long as he is not hurting her or forcing her , and she likes it . then who is to say what's right . an baby u have gotten my interests . nanny cam

Your little girl is way too young. If you really want to do your boy, go for it I had a friend who's mom would **** any of us that needed relief, when I was 14. It did not turn out well for her over time but we all had a lot of fun at the time. She once had six of us share her at the same time.

i sat talk to your son tell him you know you are not mad and have him show you what kind of games they are playing i think you will all have fun. me and my daughter do. and me and both of my sisters did for many years

Have sex with your son. I loved sleeping with my mom. Please add me.

Would love to hear about it.

I know what you mean Emma.

Your daughter is too young . If you want to step in and build a sexual relationship with your son to draw him away from her - go for it. But you should end it with her ..

did u do more of this?

Friends with benefits if your son ha a ********* with both of you!:)))))

Watch them play their games and join in. I had sex with my mom and an older sister. If anyone wants to talk about taboo and ****** let me know.

Very nice! Maybe you should supervise these games;)

You are a pretty incredible Lady...wish I could know you

Awesome story, I love ******, because I have an incestuous experience with my niece, it was so lovely...

you need to get a hard ******* instead of dreaming of your son

As a mom myself I well know the overpowering feelings of isolation and desire and taboo cravings and guilt and anxiety and intimacy and soul-connecting and innocense and... and...
Your feelings are sooooo widespread it would make you sooo relieved you/we have such numbers in company but sadly no one speaks up and out for all the judgments. sigh.
Emma, enjoy YOUR life and follow your heart cuz the heart is alway rite.

I think you need . take over the situation. My mom looked after me into my middle teens and I'm fine about it to this day (check my story in the naked mom's group). There's a good chance if the 6 yo gets over exposed to this it will haunt her later in life. I had a girlfreind years ago who at 6 was sort of the family J.O. artist for 3 older brothers 11-16. At 19 she deeply resented what they had done and cut off all communication.

Now a 14 yo boy with an adult woman, I don't see a problem with that. Keep us posted how it turns out.

I think it could be a good thing if you were to have a chat with him and show him just what he should be doing.

You are a great mom for letting it continue. Now instead of keeping your thoughts to fantasy, act on them.

I am sorry for posting this twice...
This is my correct user, and the one u will use in the future.
Thx for understanding.