Sex Is Mmm Mmm Good But Not With Just Anyone.

I actually love to talk about sex but I don't like it forced on me. I would rather it be something that we build up to in conversation.  I don't talk about sex with  just anyone either so if you adding me to talk about sex I may not be your best choice in friends. :)

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11 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Yeah that is why i don't say anything... On my own threads i will fight or what not. They came to my house then, but in your house it is your way and that is basically no fighting.

:) I have to handle it well or too many people get involved with it and then it gets nasty.

I dont know how much stress you get really.. he was the only dude i saw say anything negative to you, and you handled it like a pro. I would of just got into a fight.

IF I was popular I might see that but I am not popular enough for the amount of stress.

Yeah but you are always going to find people like that. That is what happens when you are popular!

I don't like bullies.

Yeah i don't know what he was upset about really.. but forcing the talk really didnt work that was for sure.

Yes, he did get upset. I remember that comment but he isn't on my circle now. Hehe! I write my stories for me or for specific people. I always have someone in mind when I am writing erotic posts.

No that dude who was made at you writing your stories and only sticking to one guy or something i don't know. I dont have any incite on this topic though so i just keep my mouth closed.

Oh yes! Sometimes I get embarrassed.

like that one dude who was saying something about you... i don't remember i am tired and probably not making much sense.