I Feel Sad.

I feel sad because my relationship is sexually unfulfilling. My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year now. Our sexual life began ok but quickly declined over the months.

I had always felt satisfied with my sexual life because I feel atractive, I am confident and open to new experiences. I like giving as much as recieving and try to integrate constructive criticism. I can achieve ****** many times. I also take care of myself, lots of exercise, eat healthy, regular check-ups, keep myself neat and waxed and love investing on sexy lingerie.

However, sex with my boyfriend began to become rutinary. I noticed he would almost never touch me beyond penetration. He went straight to penetration and skipped any kind of foreplay. He is glad to get oral sex but has only gone down on me twice in our whole time together.
Our sexual encounters began to get boring and shorter.
I began ************ during intercourse in order to release some sexual tension but, of course, still ended up unsatisfied.

I made a terrible mistake because I beat around the bush when trying to tell my boyfriend how I felt. I think I wasn't clear enough and only tried to "guide" him during intercourse. Lack of experience could not be a reason for his overlooking because he's 30 and has had plenty of experience.

Things have gone downhill from there in the sex department. Last time we had sex it lasted for less than 10 minutes. He came and asked me if I had come ( I feel he wanted to reassure his ego). I just stared.

Now I feel hurt, frustrated and angry. I just had LEEP surgery done because some pre-cancerous cells were found in my cervix during my regular pap smear. I am stressed because of this, but that's another situation. Though it will affect the course of things since we won't be able to resume our sexual life for a while. 

I am talking to him about it ASAP. I already called him and told him we need to discuss our sexual life. I intend to be clear, honest and straight to the point.
I know I'm angry and it's very important for me not to hurt his feelings. I'm not sure as of how to express myself in a non-confrontational way.  
BeautifulMathGirl BeautifulMathGirl
22-25, F
Jul 30, 2010