Am I Shallow?

All my girlfriends were good looking. Pretty face, nice bodies. I'm not handsome, I admit. I've got holes on my face from the zits I'd always squeezed when I was a teen. I've got flat nose and dark skin, much like a neanderthal. I'm attracted to women who is physically opposite from me. Nice light colored (pale) skin, long nose, pretty face, of course. And always, if I broke up with a girlfriend, I want someone who's much more prettier than the last.

So am I shallow?
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4 Responses Feb 8, 2011

Shallow? A little. I think we all are though. If you want someone attractive, be someone an attractive person wants to be with. Be smart. Be well read. Take good care of yourself. You don't have to be perfect, especially since you're a guy, but DO bathe, brush your teeth and have manners.

I think many guys love pretty girl and many guys want their new girl friend to be better than the last one. I think you are not shallow or anything at all.

Oh, no, Naturallytanned! That's just for the superficial feature only which (I realized) always gets me into trouble (all of my ex'es are goddam cheaters!) I'm not prejudice or something (I like Rosario Dawson, and Halle Berry too!)<br />
<br />
In looking for friends, everybody can be my friend! But I must warn you, I can easily fall in love... XD btw, your lips is sexy!

there's nothing wrong with wanting someone pretty, all that really matters is how you treat them