A Date

Usually my encounters with other men are at home with my husband there. Over the weekend I had a date with a divorced man a little younger than me. I've become good friends with a woman that I work with and we go out together after work for a drink pretty often. She's divorced but in a relationship with a married man who also joins us pretty often. More recently his freind Alan has been joining us. Alan is 45, good looking and recently divorced. He owns a local busness near where I work and he's very nice. Last week, Shari, my friend invited me to dinner at her house and mentioned that Jeff and Alan would also be coming. Shari, Jeff and Alan know all about our open marriage and Shari mentioned that Alan had recently had comprehensive STD testing done. He seemed to like me but he's never really come on to me at the bar where we meet for drinks. I knew my husband would be OK with me going, I had been to Shari's place several times anyway so I agreed to the 'date'. Since I have a one year old baby, I didn't make plans to stay over night but I told hubby that I'd be late. It was a very fun get together. We had drinks and Shari had dinner for us and we played a couple of games and after a while, she and Jeff disappeared into the bedroom. Alan and I talked for a little while and he asked to kiss me and it progressed from there. Soon we were both into it pretty hot and heavy and he was rock hard so we went into the other bedroom, undressed and lay one the bed. Kissing and fondling led to him giving me oral sex and soon he was on top of me, and I felt his hard **** penetrate me. He pumped a few times and suddenly I felt him *******. He was embarrassed and said that it had been a long time so I reassured him that it would be fine so we kissed some more and after some time passed I moved down and took his **** in my mouth and it wasn't long before he had a full erection again. When we had intercourse the second time it lasted much longer and I had a wonderful ****** just before he started to ***. We lay in bed a little while longer and i returned home. I was sleepy by then but My husband had something else in mind before I went to sleep. It was a nice encounter but I'm not sure Alan will want to try a ********* with hubby and me. He has asked me for another date so maybe in time I can convince him to come to the house.
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wow hottt !!!

its nice that ur husband let u be yourself this way