I Am Shared By My Hubby....

   I always love getting shared in sex...It is a great fun and makes me all tingle thinking of it. Hubby's younger brother is staying with us and is of my age. He is virile young stud and looks smart. Hubby me and him are all good friends.  We are free with each other and nothing much to hide between us.
      As soon as we returned from our Honeymoon, Hubby was freely sharing our honeymoon fun with him. He used to like to listen to us and loved to ask  minute details of how we enjoyed each other on our honeymoon. I could clearly see a tent developing in his pants after listening to the fun we had. Sometimes Hubby used to pull me to him and kiss me deep on my mouth. Being newly married sex was a great novelty for us and I loved sex....I  used to like all his advances and teasing and fondling my body........I have always loved my boobs getting fondled...... His hands invariably used to go to my boobs and fondle them while his tongue was deep in my mouth. I too would reciprocate with equal vigour......
     Hubby always wanted me to touch his **** and play with it. Initially I was feeling a bit shy to do that in presence of Roy, his brother. But his continuous insistence was making me more and more bolder...Sometimes hubby used to make me rub  his hard **** on top of his pants when Roy was present ....Roy liked it. He would always watch  my fondling Hubby's ****. I used to feel it under his pants and it used to stand up in a tent - giving a clear indication how hard and stiff it had grown....Left to itself, me and Roy could see it pulsating  and throbbing inside his pants... I loved to fondle it and make it stand up...Once hard, it would always love to come out  and I knew it....I liked to caress it, feel it's outline and feel it  trying to move up down...
          One day we three were celebrating the raise Hubby got in his job and were sharing some soft liquor and some ****.... As usual hubby pulled me to him and started kissing me deep on my mouth. His tongue forced it's entry in my mouth and our tongues were playing with each other. His hands had also reached on my boobs and were feeling them. I had well developed boobs which could drive any young man crazy. The liquor had made us lose most of our inhibitions. Roy was keenly watching Hubby fondle my boobs and kissing me deep on my mouth.
     I was being held firmly in Hubby's lap and could feel his **** below getting all stiff and hard. Hubby whispered in my ears to open the zip of his pants and pull out his ****. He forced my hands on the zip of his pants. The fondling of my boobs and the intimate kissing had made me all excited and may be the liquor too was having it's own effect. I opened the zip of his pants and put my hands in and pulled out his young ****...The devil had grown all hard and stiff and pulsating in my hands...Roy was watching all this keenly. I could see his young **** in his briefs getting all eager and pulsating to come out.
      My Hubby invited Roy to move closer to us on the sofa. Roy moved closer and sat close to me. I could feel his hands touching my legs and slowly and sensuously massaging them.  I could clearly feel his hands slowly rising higher and higher on my thighs....
" Vanita, look at the tent in his pants...The poor thing wants to come out. Why dont you help it come out..?" Hubby was asking me to pull out his **** too..
I had lost all inhibitions and just deftly opened the zip of his pants, and pulled out his stiff hard ****. Roy's **** too was almost the same size as that of Hubby and was throbbing hard in my hands. It's mushroom head was a bit bigger and more tumescent than Hubby's ****...May be it was not as used as Hubby's ****....
      " Oh, look at the poor thing..It is starved and wants  a nice ***** to take care of it......Look how it is pulsating up and down. Look how much  thick liquid is oozing from it's mouth.". Hubby was commenting.
I liked to touch his **** and it felt nice to hold it and feel it throbbing hard in my hands.
       " Roy remove her top.See how nice **** she has..... On honeymoon days, I have mauled them enough..... Vanita, are they still paining from the rubbing they got.?" hubby was asking me.
          I just closed my eyes and kept quiet. I could feel Roy lifting my top and removing it.
" Now unclip her bra and set free her boobs..." Hubby was directing Roy.
I could feel some hand unclip my bra and my bra was also removed and my **** were ruthlessly pulled out.
          " Look how beautiful and soft they are....Feel them Roy." Hubby was telling him
Now I could feel two pairs of hands playing with my young ****. They were driving me all crazy.
          " Taste her mouth. Feel the sweetness of her mouth." Hubby was telling Roy to proceed ahead.
I could feel Roy holding my face in his both hands and force his aggressive tongue in my mouth and kissing me all intimately. It felt so nice being held by the two studs and getting fondled so nicely at their hands. I just closed my eyes and decided to enjoy the whole situation.
              " Now go ahead and pull down her skirt." Hubby was directing Roy.
              I was being firmly held in Hubby's lap and I could feel Roy pulling down my skirt. He pulled it with all ease. I was now almost exposed to the two young studs except for my panties. Without any further coaxing, Roy pulled down my panties  and I was totally exposed by the two eager young males. My breathing had already gone up and my body was almost shaking in excitement. I kept my eyes shut. I could now feel my two hands being pulled by the two males and a stiff hard **** given in each hand. The ***** felt nice. They were all full of energy and trying to throb hard in my hands.
" Look how her body is responding..Look at her nipples, how pointed that have become...come on feel them....Donot be shy.......Look how her breathing rate has quickened. Look how her body is shaking." Hubby was telling Roy.
               I could feel some hands mauling my boobs and playing with my stiff nipples...In fact  I could feel their hands on each and every part of my body. I dont know whose hands were playing with my love knob and whose fingers were going in and out of my wet *****. But certainly it felt very nice.....
" Let us place her on the bed so enjoying her  would be much more easy.."  One of them commented.
          I felt them raising my body from the sofa and being placed on the nearby bed. I was sandwitched between Hubby and Roy and could feel them continuing their teasing my intimate parts mercilessly..
          " Roy would you like to taste her *****?. Hubby was asking Roy.
            Someone parted my legs and I could feel a stiff hard **** forcing it's entry in my dripping *****. I knew it was Roy who was given  the first opportunity.
         " Hold her firmly under you. She loves that. Give her fast long strokes." Hubby was directing Roy.
              Roy held me firmly under him, in his grip and was giving me deep long strokes in and out. He had a nice **** and it was driving me crazy. Hubby pulled my hand and placed his **** in it. He always loved my hand fondling his ****.
      Roy was stroking in and out with his **** exploring my inner depths at every stroke. .At the end of every stroke, he was forcing the **** to rub against my love tunnel and I could feel the **** throbbing hard. His kiss had also grown very intimate with his tongue once again exploring my mouth and mingling with my tongue. Hubby was also encouraging me to receive his **** and delicately caressing my **** and nipples. Both the young virile men were playing with my young body and taking me almost to heavens....
     " Look how her body is shaking. Look how she is gripping you in a strong embrace....Look how her legs have gone round your legs. Now increase the speed of your strokes. She is almost on verge of a great climax." Hubby was commenting.
         I felt Roy now increasing the speed of stroking. He was holding me firmly under him and my legs had also gone round his legs and only his torso was able to move up and down forcing his **** to go in and out with great speed.
         I could not take it any longer and soon exploded in a towering ******. I had my eyes closed and the **** was ruthlessly going in and out of my wet dripping ***** and driving me mad.
      " Look how she is experiencing her climax. Look how her body is shaking under you. Continue your strokes. Increase the speed. Let her milk your **** to the last drop. Deposit all your cream deep inside her wet *****...."
       Hubby's words triggered his climax and soon I could feel the **** inside me vibrating and warm thick milk spurting out of it's mouth and hitting my inner depths. I tightened my grip as I wanted to milk his **** to the last drop and receive every drop of his **** essence..
          Soon the softening **** was withdrawn and replaced by Hubby's familiar ****. I raised my pelvis to meet his every stroke. Though his **** was fresh but it had almost got ripe and ready and could not hold the fort for a long .  Just within few minutes the stiff hard **** exploded inside my welcoming ***** driving me to another towering ******...My eager ***** milked  his **** to the last drop ...
        This was an exquisite experience which all three of us enjoyed thoroughly...Then it has become a routine for both of  them to share me between them...Hubby also invited one of his close friends to join us in this nice game as I loved getting shared between  young studs......His wife is also to join us shortly in the great fun.....
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i see this story was wrote 5/15/12 just how are you guys doing now adays? just checking to see if it lasts ty

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RE: Anal sex, if I eased my **** into you gently, after vaginally for a while, with sufficent lube and was having your ***** played with at same time,either by me or you, [ plus a few other pleasing touches, by me] , I think you might have liked it. Very important to clean up the **** before going back into your *****!

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