Star Fire

So, before i begin my story i will describe my charecter. 

Hi. My name is Star Fire, i am 15 years old. I am adopted and i am a girl.

i have long brown hair down to my hips and i have ice blue eyes, deeper then the ocean.

i am 5'9. this is my story:

Chapter One: My Crazy World

* this is so boring* i start to think, i mean watching my brothers football game is like watching a granny cross the street!

they take waaaaaaaayyyy to long when they cross.

so, i decide to take out my ipod and listin to some paramore my fav band.

i put on brick by boring brick  and close my eyes, falling into the world of music.

20 mins later.........


"ahhhhhhhhh!" i yell because my evil step-mom scared the crap out off me and of course me being clumsy and all i fall off the bench i was sitting on.

"what?" i ask madly

"the games over, and john wants to get ice cream" she states. oh i forgot to mention i have this really hot brother named john hes 16. with brown curlish hair and blue eyes but not as deep as mine. probly because im the only one in the entire world with these eyes there really deep and they have skinny black circles on the edge. my parents like to tease me cuz of them >:(.

"fine" i mumble

walking toward my car i see my dad aka jonathan fire. hes 44 and married to silvia michaels whos 40 and also my evil step-mom.....

anyways, as i get in the back i get a message from my bf aka jess

-hi babe-jess types

-hi, i missed you;)-

-me too, so when r u and ur bro and dad leaving?-


-cuz i wanna....-


-****  ur step mom-



-omfg i cant belive u said that >:(-

- i need  sex, and u wont let me >:(-

-because >:(- thinking he was gonna leave me alone, and i was wrong.

-i guess its over- i practically break my phone typing those harsh words. sorrry -

-........look if u want to do it so bad then i guess we could.....- because i loved him soooooo much and dident want him to leave, even tho he was kinda being a jerk.

-kk i'll see you tonight XD, and im guessing ur on the pill well gtg bye!- and then he signs out without letting me reply.

i dident want him to know i wasent on the pill. when we reach my big house -four floors-  and run upstairs.....and jump on my bed and just lay there thinkng about life. i almost fall asleep parenst yell  thru my door "were going out and where taking john, well be back in 8 hours bye!"

when i hear them leave i text jess -u can come in thru my window- (i slept on the first floor i had the second biggest roomXD)

-kk- and i go get on my sexest clothes i own and i do my hair and make-up.

20 mins later.......

i hear my door open and feel arms around me, i lean against him and smile.

"hi babe"he says then he kisses me

"hi jess" and i kiss him back

then i guide him to my bed and we just make out for what seemed like an hour.

finally he pulls at my shirt so i take it off *omfg this is soo romantic* i start to think

 also take off my bra and he takes off his shirt.

he starts kissing my b**b's "mmmmmmmmmm" i moan im starting to get really horny

so he kisses and bites them more,soon where lying on my bed. he takes off his pants and boxers. so i take off my skirt and pantys.

thats when things really started to get hot. he gets on me and starts humping really hard. "mmmmmm" we both moan. he goes faster and harder then he enters me fast and really hard. i could feel my tears well up. he kisses my tears. i starts to scream in pain so he goes as fast and hard as he can. then all of a sudden i could feel this explosion of warm liquid in me. i look up to see him satasfied. he gets out of me and stands up so i do to. but he pushes me on the bed and opens my legs and licks my ****.....i moan really loud and panting from the pleasure. he sticks three fingers in me and goes in and out really fast i gasp from joy. and then i ***. hes licks up my juice. then i get up and he lays down and i put his really hard **** in my mouth and suck. he moans in pleasure so i go faster till he ****...........he enters me again but this time were doing it doggie style(this goes on for like 20 mins aka humping me if u dont know what i mean) till were both tired and we just cuddle for a while and we fall asleep..............................

3 hours later.....i look around and i see that jess is still in me so i take it out. i look at the clock and see we still have 2 hours left...

i get up and put my clothes on. i look at jess and hes up putting his on to. we kinda make-out after that but thats about it for the night anyways ;) ( i need messages on wether i should continue or not? XD i wanna be a writer so tell me if this is good or not)

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um.....i dident know i was a bad writer.......