Star Fire Part 2

Chapter two: caught by the people who have no right to call me their daughter.

omfg i think just as my parents caught me and jess making out. "R U TWO HAVING SEX!?"silvia screamed (almost making me deaf)

"no! stop yelling" i insist, thinking this will work

"now, honey calm down they where just kissing" my dad reasons with her

"dont u remember doing that at there age?"

she looks thoughtfull, then shrugs and walks out my doorway

wow close one i think. jess then scrambles out the front door and jumps into his car i watch as he drives away as fast as he can.....*sigh* i probly wont see him again.

"honey, u ok?" dad asks at first i think hes talking to silvia then i rememberd she left for work."yea dad" i say quickly as not to upset him

i watch as he steps closer "ok....." he starts to shuffle to me....."whats up dad?" i say nervously because he kept getting closer

"have i ever told u, u r really hot?" he says flirtacously

my eyes widon i cant belive this! my own dad, ugh im disgusted.

"er...thanxs?" i say freaked out

hes so close that i back up till im against the wall. he smiles hungerly and smashes his lips against me, i try to pull away but he grips harder.

"now,now we can take this the easy way or the hard way" not really hearing what he said i continue to struggle in his grasp. he takes off my shirt  and bra. he whistles. i start to get i try screaming but he put tape on my mouth. he starts to kiss my boobs and travels down to my stomach  i struggle so much that he ties me to the bed. i start to crie soundlessly while he disgraces me.he goes back to my boobs and bites them till there sore. tears streaming down my face and he puts his face down my skirt and i can hear and feel him open his zipper  and enters me. this goes on for 1 hour and im so sore that im numb. i can feel him climax and enter his ***** into me (wasent wearing a condom) im tired of crying, and fighting so i wait till hes done. then he starts to eat my juices and lick me. when hes done with me he calls my brother in here. omfg im saved! he gets dressed and unties me and pull the tape off. i spit in his face and he slaps me i fall onto the floor and black out.


when i wake up john is holding me and i start thinking im saved.he puts me on my bed and closes my door. i hear the lock click. then he sits on the side of the bed staring at me with a blank face. "john?" i say my vouce craked from all the screaming and crying i did.

i start to get up but he gets up and walks out the door and shuts it.....while i sit there crying my heart out. when silvia comes home i told her what happend but of course she doesnt belive me and goes back to making supper so i run to jess's

house and open his bedroom door i see him sitting and reading. he looks up with a confused look on his face, he then sees me all dishevled

and bloody. he runs up to me and lays me on the bed he lays beside me and we just lay in each others arms for the entire night........

to be continued      

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Feb 13, 2010