Star Fire Part 3

Chapter 3: The Surprise

when i wake up the next morning im all sore. i look  at jess and smile he looks like a perfect angel.... so i leave him a note saying i went home.

when i get home my dads waiting in my bedroom. i dont see him till i close the door and see him standing behind it, he pushes me on the bed and starts getting on me i scream as loud as i can, hopeful someone will hear my screams......noone comes he undoes my shirt and tosses it on the floor along with my bra. by this time i was so scared that when he tried to kiss me i bit his toung making him bleed in my mouth( i almost threw up!) he punched me so hard that i black out, when i wake up my dad had left and my brother was on top of me naked, and humping me. my eyes widin my own brother!? i struggle but im tired from my father so i almost faint. that just makes john go faster and harder till im screaming from the pain but he forces me to make out with him.

i trie to pull free but he just grips harder like i am a football that he doesn't want to lose. when hes down hes panting and sweating he gets up and walks away leaving me with my tears.i call jess and tell him what happened, he says hes coming over. when he gets there i run into his arm and cry has hard as i did before. i get tired really fast and fall asleep. when i wake up the next moring i feel really sick (probly from dinner last night) i spent my moring in the bathroom puking till i couldent anymore. i walk toward my bedroom after i brushed my teeth and me and jess just talk about my horrible life. he then calls the police for me arresting my father and my brother. i ended up pregnant with not my dads or my bros (thank god) but from jess, we get married after collage and raise jane my daughter  and jake my son. jess ends up dieing in a car crash sadly he leaves me pregnant living with my dad who got out of jail and sincie i had no monay to raise my kids i had to stay with him and my brother (i had four kidas with my brother 3 died so i had 3(jake,jane,rose and with my dad i had 2 one died (termanated) and the one that livied was named jessica) i called the police again and they both died in jail my kids grow up happily and i die at 98 from a heart attack!


THE END xdxdxdxdxXD

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Feb 14, 2010