I Got Jacked (not Real Storie None Of Mine R Real)

Chapter One: What Do I Tell My Family?

My name is Jessica johnson, i am 18 years old, i have a bf named  Michael Phil. and i have 2 brothers there names are Jay and Tyler. Tyler is 19 and jay is 14. my parents are  Susan and David. this is my story.

well, it all began that one day that i hated it the most. My birthday. i was turning 18. well we had partys and presents (camra, clothes,make-up,birth control(ugh), and of course from Jay i got roses.) which is weird. well anyway after everyone goes to bed i wake up at 12:00 and i cant go back to sleep so i go downstairs to get some water when i hear panting.  so i look in the living room and jay's ************ my eyes go wide he doesnt see me.

"WHAT R U DOING!?" i yell he looks up starteld

"im ************...." he then gets up and cleans himself

"gross!" i say disgusted

"well im bored" he says fusterated.

then he looks thoughtful and just stares at me, i start to get creeped out.

"what?" i askwonder

"wanna join me?"

"ew god no i dont **********"

"no i meant sex."

"oh.....i dont think so..." then i see his face is mad next thing i know hes draging me by the hair down to our soundless basement!!!

"owwww!" i yell beause of the pain from my hair he then slams me into the extra bed and get 

s on me and he kisses me i struggle but he just ties me to the chair he takes off my pj top and kisses me and bites on my bo*bs(im a virgen!) im starting to like it and jay sees that so he unties me and licks,kisses,and bites  my bo*bs again then he moves onto my pJ bottoms and takes them off(hes already naked!) and hes puts three fingers into me and i start to moan loud so he goes faster till im close to *******. he enters me and he goes fast and hard then he and i cumm at the same time. he keeps going like that for 20 mins till we atleast cummed like 4 times in each other. then u get on the floor and i put his really hard **** in my mouth and i suck it hard.

he starts to moan loud and pushing me closer. afer 5 mins off that he cumms and i drink-lick his juices.i stop and i go toward my clothes when he swings me around and makes out with me  (i can feel his hard 7 inch di*k  rubbing my stomach while we make out!)

i then put on my clothes and run upstairs and lay in my bed and fall asleep! to be continued......:D if u liked it or hated it comment plz






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Love it, message me and ill share my story

Loved it!