I Got Jacked!

chapter 2: omfg he did not!


when i wake up i feel someone on the bed with me and i look over and its jay "get the f^ck out!" i say cranky

"we ****** so ur mine" he says matter-of-factly

"no where not i have a bf  and where gonna do it so go away!"

"oh he can join us then so can tyler and dad" he states

"i doubt dad and tyler would allow u"


8 hours later.....michael comes over and makes out with me up in my room. we both lay on the bed and we make out for hours. but then jay,dad, and tyler come in (im naked and making out with michael whos also naked!) "get out!"

"no, they can join" michael says

so then jay (nakedf!) gets on me and enters me, i start to moan so tyler enters my butt and i moan louder then my dad licks and bites one of my bo*bs and michael takes the other one i start to moan really loud so they all go faster and harder till i cummed at least twice then michael enterd me and jay took one of my bo*bs and dad enterd my butt i started to scream oh and tylertook the other bo*b .

by now i cummed at least twice with michael and michael cummed in me. by then my dad was starting to pant so he pushes michael out and enters his ten inch c#ck into me but he cant go all the way so he starts to hump me fast and hard then he pushes himself all the way into me and i moan and *** and so does my dad into me.

5 hours later......i cummed at least 10 times and everyone cummed inside of me at least 3 times each then everybody leaves and so does jay. micael then puts me on the bed and we just make-out for hoiurs i then fall asleep.......to be continued  

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Feb 14, 2010