Hey guys, I know some of you are facing difficult times, and I did too, but now I feel better and I want you to do so. So here is a list of things to do to love life!

-AVOID sad songs. Try to listen to things that make you smile.
-You feel alone? Go walk in town, and when you see an homeless guy, stop by and have a conversation with him. He feels alone too, he will understand :)
-I don't care if you are anorexic or not, go eat you favorite kind of food! You'll do sports after if you feel bad ;)
-Draw what you feel, then burn it.
-Realise that you are living your own life, not anybody else's one. And you only have one life, so dare! Do whatever you want, there is no excuses!
-You don't need other people to be happy.
-Dress in your best outfit (according to YOUR tastes) and feel awesome and beautiful.
-Do this thing you always wanted to do, now is the best time to do it.
-Go meet totally different people than you. Just to see.
-Take a day off, who cares about the dishes?
-I love you, so take care.
-Don't forget how to smile :D
-And talk to somebody about what you feel! I am here too, just inbox!

You might feel a bit wrong at the beginning, but you'll see, it worth it. I do that everyday.
kladitor kladitor
18-21, F
Aug 22, 2014