i was molested as a child and eventually enjoyed it
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Much histeria had been bitten up regarding sexual molestation of children. Had not experiance this, but sure: hunger, violence, bounded labour etc are far worse.

thanks for sharing Confused, however , I'm confused, I was sexually molested by a family member as a child and while I have a fulfilling sexual appetite now, at one time it may have been affected, - I think that's why I crave a loving man that will fulfill me in every way, be able to communicate not only his needs,but what is bothering him - I've been to therapy and at one time I wanted to confront my assailant - but I don't think it will do anything but split the family apart - so I have this secret but I am ok .

Hi ther.. I also was molested as a a man...i was about 10years old. Now am 41years of age.i have a husband and for children. But through my life as a teenager i hated boys for that reason.. so as the years went byy I noticed a change in my life that i was offten looking at women all the time and like what i was looking then I said to myself this was crazy why do I have these fantasies about women? So in my early twenties i got married and found my self dateing my husband"s sister for about heres the thing? I never intended to sleep with her..she came on to i said what hell!!! So i went for it... so after relationship went on for about 4 years

I never went or slept with another women again.. because I found myself in love with my husband"s sister...and yes she knows it..did i enjoy it yes..will i go date or sleep with another women no! because of her.. She realy fulfilled my life... so yes being molested will **** you up.and thats my story.

if your being true then on a spiritual level my opinion would be that you were surrounded by so much badness that the devil got in. the fact that you have posted this would say that god has stepped in.