More Spiritual Quotes

 "Life is tough, but God is faithful" (Sheila Walsh)
"People who have been through deep water have emerged on the other side with a brighter light, a more tender heart, and a loving outstretched hand for others" (Sheila Walsh)
"As with Job, God saved the best days for last" (unknown)
"Legalism is an attitude - a mentality based on pride" (unknown)
"Hurting people hurt people" (unknown) "Trying times are learning times" (unknown)
"Life is lived in depth - not length" (unknown)
"Silence is wisdom's best reply" (unknown)
"Forgiveness is not an emotion - it's a choice" (unknown)
"Is what I'm living for worth Christ dying for?" (unknown)
"Most people want to serve God in only an advisory capacity" (unknown)
"Jesus built a bridge with 2 boards and 3 nails" (unknown)
"If faith cannot be tested, it cannot be trusted" (unknown)
"Relationship is more important to God than performance" (unknown)

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Jul 30, 2010