A Little Kindness Person to Person,is Better Than a Vast Love For All Mankind!

I am sort of a eclectic collector of feel good stuff, I hoard it as a shield against dark days.

So I decided ta share a few with all of you!

Things I like, A newborn Puppies coffee breath, The silky feel of a womans secret places, Laughter, The unrestrained giggle of a baby, The crisp feel of mountain air, The smokey taste of Jamesons Irish Whiskey, The soft moan of a saxaphone, The erie silence as you float a few thousand feet in the air, The piney smell of the Forest, A really good Cabernet S, The feel and smell of a campfire  TB Cont.....

Happiness is a healthy mental attitude, a grateful spirit, a clear concience and a heart full of love!  .  .  .Auth unk

 Love dosen't make the world go round.    Love is what makes the trip worthwhile.  Auth...Franklin James

Hugs and kindness are never wasted. If they have no effect on the recient, at least they benifit the bestoyer. Auth . . . .S. H. Simmons

Remember happiness is a way of travel not a destination.  Auth . . . R. Goodman

Where there is great love, There are always miricles. Auth. . . W. Cather

Alas for everything I touch with tenderness,****** , Like a Bramble  . .  . dx 67

If you want to be loved, Be lovable.            Auth .  .  .  .  Anon

Her scent was a heady potion , ah-h-h-h , but her touch, It was heaven  .  .  .dx95

I will add more in time.  .  .  .



Mountainman923518 Mountainman923518
56-60, M
Jul 12, 2007