forever,because although changing my house twice,my wife was still cheating on me.and now i found my wife had child with someone else.i cried for a week,hiding my face from world.but then i have to be strong,so i told my wife about her reality and my will to divorce her.she started acting as if she is crying and feeling guilty.saying that everything happened instantly .i have filed for divorce but she said that divorve will happen only if i give her half my property.i am not so weak to be shattered by this,but one more incident happened after which i am shattered forever and hate why am born.i caught her with her bf red handed and started beating him,she came in between to save him and they both beated me one came from the neighbour.i became a scene in front of neibhour and never ever walk thier again.i dont know what they are doing now in the house i have buyed,but i pray they never live all just comments but you dont know the real thing i am going through,it is easy to write buy bazooka and all but in reality we have to do abide by law which is never fair and i know till i am living i will not get justice.

and the cheating is not only this,she had cheated me more and thats why i am shattered,i will tell you someday when i be okay.
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Breath....every thing is going to be ok... Inbox me if you like to talk