Top 10 Signs Your Husband Is Part of a High-class Prostitution Ring

Top 10 Signs Your Husband is in a High-Class Prostitution Ring (just like Governor Eliot Spitzer who admitted to being a member of the Emperor's Club)

10. He leaves wads of cash on your bedside table after sex.

9. He frequently has voice messages from women with names like Maya, Avalon, and Svetlana.

8. The receptionists at the Mayflower Hotel all know him by name and bill your room by the hour.

7. $31,000 charges show up on your American Express statement from "Emperor's Mattress Warehouse"

6. You find him up at night watching Pretty Woman and crying for Richard Gere's character.

5. He rates restaurants and movies in terms of how many "diamonds" they deserve.

4. Justifies a hike in state taxes to pay for rising costs of service workers.

3. He starts getting bulk discounts for expensive gifts from Tiffany's.

2. He changes his relationship status on Facebook to "it's expensive."

1. Closes out his political career with a happy ending!

Hope you enjoyed this! If you have any more signs your husband is part of a high-class prostitution ring, please add them in the comments section below!

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Ah yes political careers aren't they all like this