I Still Like the Guy

 I have (temporarily) lost some respect for John Edwards, but I have to say, I am still a big fan.  I don't think all of his positive attributes & goals should be overlooked because of his affair.

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4 Responses Aug 9, 2008

Exactly, Mia and Fallentower! I am tired of the American public thinking politicians sex lives are our buisness.

Having an affair certainly didn't hurt Bill Clinton's career...or his wife's, for that matter. John Edwards's behavior in this matter may be less than we would like to see from a leader, but the reality is, leaders are human like the rest of us. If anyone's ever wondered why there are so few good people in politics, this is part of the reason why. The prospect of having your private life, both past and present, disemboweled and spread before the public like some kind of 13th century spectacle, is no way to attract good people to a career field.

Lying to the American public? Why is his affair our business? He is human. No one knows his marriage and his situation but him and his wife. I'm sick of this crap being news. Who cares? I agree with his politics, I don't care if he has had an affair.

Yeah, but how about the lying to the American public? Should we overlook that?