Random Jogger...perhaps A Spy...

One night during my sophomore year in college my roommate and I were walking through campus and a jogger ran past us and stopped at a bench to rest. When we had walked about a block away from where the guy was we heard, "hey! hey wait". I ignored it until it got closer and we turned around and saw that the jogger had caught up to us. That was shocking enough and then he said, "hey, do you have a boyfriend?" and I said "yeah I do actually" (I was dating a guy in another state at that time) and i thought that would be the end of it but then he added, "do you love him?" I almost felt like it was a joke-why would someone ask that? what kinda guy would ask that? If i had said "no" what would he have done next? It was so crazy that a part of me still wonders if he hadn't somehow been sent by my then boyfriend to check up on me-its STILL shocking to me.

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I was more so shocked by the way he came about it-the whole thing. Why run after someone on a campus at night? why not leave after I informed him of my boyfriend? I was flattered-really-but still....who does that!?! lol Also, <br />
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Lualee-yes I have wondered what would have happened. Especially after I broke up with the guy i was dating i wondered if i had missed out on a nice guy but I don't wonder that anymore, for one thing more guys have approached awkwardly and for another i have found the man of my dreams...who just so happens to have also struck me somewhat odd when we met lol

Hi firefly21<br />
Sounds like he was making a pass at you in a clumsy way? Nothing to do with your boyfriend though. No reason to be shocked though is there? Just clumsy.<br />

Don't you wonder what could have happend if you had said something else though??? I always do that, wonder what could have come out of it if "I had done this instead, or said this differently".....you know? =) <br />
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