Continued Hysteria

I was just at my public library.  There were men with petitions that read No OBAMA HEALTHCARE.  There were hundreds of signatures.  When the man asked me to sign I said no and explained that I was a nurse and that we desperately needed healthcare reform because there we so many people in need.  The man told me I was speaking blasphemy and people needed to take care of themselves.  When did we become such a hateful mean society where we can't look at data and evidenced based practice that show us that we need to make changes?
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8 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Like I said there are too many issues that need to be addressed before we go with reformed health care.

How in the hell are my employers getting my health records?

I would sign it. I can't believe how the health industry, insurance and government has total control over a person's health records. I read HIPAA supposedly written to protect your health information. And it doesn't. You can't even sue violators. You need a governing body to decide what to do. What the hell is a 25,000 fine? What is that? No, I say no, no, no. <br />
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Give a person the right to choose his own doctor. <br />
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Health managed by the government in no way protects anyone. I received a letter that a hard drive was stolen. No, this is no acceptable. I would rather go without insurance.<br />
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There are too many issues that need to be addressed and corrected before I would take health reform as a positive. I would rather live without health care than live with indignity.<br />
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Health reform will create more indignant homeless. I worked for a non profit health clinic which you would think would behave ethnically. But no ethics is an honor system. <br />
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And I want a lawyer to protect my rights not a governing body. I want a doctor that I choose to act on my behalf. I don't want to have to fight the government for my rightsl.

Health Care Law is fine. We will gradually modify it until there is true Universal Coverage for all. Morons on the right with try to beat American up with this just like they tried with the Civil Rights laws and the Abortion Rights laws. Democracy is the breeding ground for Demogoges

I don't think you'll find one politician that would say their happy with the existing healthcare situation. What stinks is the manner in which it was passed. Back room dealing that exceeded anything ever done before. The partisan method.. well except for that "token" 8 hr meeting where Obama's true character slipped out... i.e. "John, the election is over, you lost"... <br />
Ignoring what is thought to be 10% of the overall cost of which is Malpractice insurance... tests being done on a CYA basis... frivolous lawsuits... etc. Why no tort reform?... Trial lawyers gave 92% of their campaign contribs to Dems... <br />
Where is the ability to cross state lines to purchase health care insurance... ya can for your auto.. Oh.. the insurance industry likes things just the way they are.. plus they get to pick up 30 million new subscribers... all because they were assured there wouldn't be inter-state sale of insurance. <br />
Once repealed, it will be replaced with a common sense approach to solving a huge problem... Not a stroke at midnight Christmas eve deal making debacle. Bill in Va.

Try again lisagus! I live in a country with socialized healthcare and I'm proud of it. <br />
I'm covered by the state until I graduate university. <br />
When I go to the doctor, I pay one percent of the minimal salary in the country.<br />
You can't get excluded from the system for a preexisting condition.

Everyone is in agreement that there must be some kind of reform but the kind of reform that we need is not socialized healthcare. First off, we can not afford the cost of it, secondly, there are parts of the bill that are unconstitutional. Protecting the constitution has to. Be a priority! My state is doing better than most in this economy but has said it can not afford this healthcare plan, when states are struggling as it is it is not the time to impose something so costly. Socialized healthcare has not worked well in other countries where it has been implemented. They also have 50% income tax. Would you want half of what you make go to pay for healthcare?

There are a lot of people out there that are only concerned about themselves. They don't see the big picture. Yes, that is a slight oversimplification but I don't have time to write a book.