Change Or Dont Come Back

I am so shocked that my best friend told me that she wants me to change, if I dont then dont bother coming back to her house. I have made a decision that I thought she would find the good in, I got out of her house becuase I thought that I was a burden on her. I guess I was wrong. Now that I have moved completely in my new home, I am happy. He is amazing,, I know that I have only been seeing him for a few weeks,, but he just seems so great. I havent found one thing that I dont like about him. I want to stay here, for me and my baby. I guess if she doesnt understand that then I will have to lose yet another friend inorder for me to be happy. I am being so selfish, but at this point I have to think only of myself and my baby...
imperfectbeauty imperfectbeauty
18-21, F
May 7, 2012