I Am Shocked

Last night I found out that a young man that I have known ever since he was a baby Murdered some one. I was in total shock,I never in a million years would have beleived him capable of doing something like this. He had a stable family background his parents are still married and there is no abuse or neglect in any manner. He is only 19 yrs old and his life is ruined, because of what he did. I feel for his parents, what must they be going through right now. I feel sorry for him,because he is a lost soul. He obviously doesn't appreciate life or he would not have done this. What went wrong? Why did he do this?

swan2857 swan2857
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3 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Sad story! Please keep us posted. His family must feel crushed!

Please keep us posted if you find out another piece to the puzzle!!<br />
What a shame.

Ask him! Maybe you'll find out he's not what you always<br />
thought him to be.