I've just found out A LOT about my friends... We are all in a group and lately I've been straying away from the group for a while.
I decided to start going out with them all again... And so much has happened. No one told me anything because I haven't been there, but....
My friend that I'm with now has told me a lot... and I'm truly shocked.
One of my friends had lost her virginity to her boyfriend who lost his virginity to her. They've had sex 3 times. Wow. (Both 15 btw)
Also my friend has told me she has dated one of our friends in the group and she's gave him a hand job 3 times.
Basically the guy she did that to isn't a virgin he's done like everything.
Our other friend has done like a few things.

And then there's me. I haven't done anything and I'm a Virgin and all. But the thing that's shocked me is now I'm like the elephant in the room and I just feel... Well lame and that's a stupid thing to say, but I do.
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Don't so anything stupid cuz of the need to fit in, in a few years time tables will switch around. You accomplished something and well they didn't do much

Your not lame. You are just a normal kid. You still have your virginity and to have been a normal teen. I am no different. :)

Same. I've done some stuff and I will regret for forever. I looked for love thru oral sex but maintained my virginity and I hated myself for so long. Don't be eager to give up something so precious

I'm no eager to give up anything. It's doesn't feel right now I know all this...

Well in a way growing up does feel weird. I was super excited to graduate and the day I did the "oh ****" bomb dropped lol.

I know, just being supportive! :)

Just be your self, if your not comfortable tell them.

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