I was just searching up beanbags for a present for my sister, and then I accidentally clicked on link..it was a news story, the title said, 'three year old girl found dead inside of a beanbag after a game of hide and seek'
I actually started hyperventilating, I was close to tears..my sisters three. And I was thinking of getting her a beanbag. My mind was just swimming with thoughts of 'what if' It was really scary..
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Im sure your sister will be fine! Theres a lot of what if's. U cant let them scare u and control ur life.

Ur sister is 3, so she shouldnt be left alone. No one will let her die in a beanbag lol

Thats a sad story :(

I know, it just really shook me and I had images in my mind and it was just absolutely horrible..I've decided on a personalised book instead aha