They Make Great Pets

but to some, they have a poor reputation.

I have overcome that myth and am searching for a suitable one with just the right leash.  I might even breed them - sell them as alternative heating sources.

I was inspired by the news and know anything is believable.



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Wanya i've got only one piece of advice for you as the syaing goes "Be kind to dragons for thou art crunchy when cooked and taste good with ketchup"....

Wanya, you have been misled. I know from experience that some dragons can be tamed. You must not be traveling in the right circles. They are multi-talented and their wisdom should be respected but not feared. Cunning tis true, but a wonderful cure for a boring evening. ;~)

Well Nan, <br />
No disrespect meant, but have you moved up the food chain a bit? I would think the oder from Kamoto dragons would be a challenge. Then again, that could be a preconceived silly notion.<br />
<br />
I agree, maidens should not be a part of their diet. Maidens are there to be rescued by the dragons. The dragons are fierce protectors with immeasureble wisdom...perhaps I was misled. There's that truth issue again. tsk, tsk, tsk '<br />
<br />
My quest is for well-bred, not in-bred. Please alert me of any sightings.

Great quest! As long as you don't have to feed them maidens....<br />
I once had a housemate who had a six-foot boa contrictor. When it died, she got two kamoto (sp?) dragons. She kept them in a floor to ceiling cage. They just sat there. Didn't move around much. Don't know what they ate and didn't want to ask.