Success is the best revenge

short. I walk into a room and the subtext is short. Women pat me on the head. Men think they can mess with me and they do. Not because they are good or smart, but because they are taller.
My boss  regularly, openly  ridicules  me for being short. Makes fun of the fact that I am short. It's apparently okay to make fun of short people. It's the forgiven prejudice. Fat, black, female,not okay to make fun of.They have laws against that. Short guy/ WTF!.. Shut  up shortie... know your place and stay there. And if you do stand up and assert yourself, you have issues. Only tall men are allowed to be aggressive. Aggressive short men have a Napoleon complex (he was tall for his time). Successful short men have issues. Like successful women. Only it's okay for them to mess with short men too. Because women (surprise,surprise) can be a lot like men. Cruel, cowardly and herdlike. They like messing with small men, because small men are supposedly lower on the status ladder than them.
They can take their resentments against tall men out on short men.Because like tall men, they believe that short men deserve it.
Short men are the third sex.

Call me bitter if you like. I am. Not because I am a failure, I am a success in every measure. I went into the army at the age of 17 and they wanted to send me home because I was short. I went to get my uniform and the women handing them out asked if my mother knew I was there.

I was the youngest man to graduate from my military academy. Ever. I went through a training program that started with a group of  155 men. 55 graduated. One died. Two never walked again. I finished in fine form and went to university where women laughed at me. Openly. I would go to bars at night and if I tried to talk with a woman, the common response was, "Does your mother know you're here?"
I built up all sorts of defence mechanisms. Like a stinging wit.
So, when a woman said, 'Does your.. mother...". I'd stop them with the retort, " Does your father know you exist." Cruel isn't it?
But that's what we have to do to maintain a shred of self-respect.

I married my wife  who wore a special dress at our wedding that wouldn't make me look short. God bless her mother for having the sensitivity to figure that one out.

I started my chosen career and within 7 years I rose to the top position. My work won international recognition. I left my country of birth and came to the US where, within years, I repeated my success. Then I went to Canada and came back. And repeated my success. The trials I have been through  have crippled men taller than me. But I am short. No getting around that.

 But I take consolation in the fact that I met one woman who accepted me as I am. She's a good five inches taller and model beautiful. It was a brief,exquisite experience. And the fact that she was tall made it that much sweeter.

The upside? I have two beautiful children. Better still, my son is short and totally at ease with it and my daughter is gorgeous and smart and sexy. My son is a musical giant with more talent in his 'little' finger than most men could dream of. I guess there is poetic judgement.
Now, will someone please order me a drink. I have been trying, but somehow I can't seem to get the bartender's attention.
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Short and tall are relative terms and don't count for much, what really counts is the quality of the self...f++k the a++H===s who don't know that

Often tall men (or women) have a predator-type, aggressive demeanor. They love attention, maybe too much. I would much rather be "short" than a tall board that could potentially blow over in the wind, or big and tall that would create a centre of gravity (or used as a wind-break), esp. as a female.

Hi there guys, Okay, first of all, I'm 17 years old and I am 5"2, yes, I am short, everyone else in my school is TALL, and I am asian, Filipino to be exact. I just came in my first day of American High School today and I felt so inferior with my age and being this short, I probably won't be growing any taller even though my mom was at 5"4 and my dad at 5"10. I see it as a genetic malfunction, yes, people make fun of me for being short, I'll be honest, people say I have some good traits on me but on first impressions, people always say I'm short and with all the posts out there and even Psychological studies (I'm an independent researcher) that suggests that height represents power and attractiveness, It's just so hard to get by. But I will share you a valuable lesson I've experienced in Karate class...<br />
I was new, and yes again, everyone else was taller than I am, but I didn't let that stop me, I worked hard, trained hard, lifted weights and all that then when we were doing special intensity training exercises, my sensei began to notice my improvement and I was standing out from everyone else who was tall and accomplishing things they could never do with their height. The whole gist of this is, short people like us are often underestimated of our capabilities, but If we can show them how passionate we are, they will be in for a shock. And nice story by the way, I was really inspired by the post, hell, I feel like more of a giant already. :)

There is a saying "small but terrible"

Point well made. I have seen that kind of behaviour too. People always make remarks if the man is shorter than the woman he's with. It is so ridiculous. I think these people lack intelligence.

well to keep balance god created "voluptuous" ladies to keep short guys company... kinda not fair cause no diet/exercise plan can make a guy taller, "large" women dont have that barrier and can become hot if they feel like it. Just so you realize even average height guys face height predjudice from the super tall elite, thats just the way nature works.

I am 5'2. I used to hate being so short. But, I finally got over it for two reasons. One, I obviously can't do anything about it. And two, I learned that being short does have its perks. I love having to look up at tall or taller women. Not only am I short, but I am also shy and submissive. I know they are not attracted to me, because most women do not like guys who are short, shy and submissive. But, I like knowing that their are so many tall and strong women out there, that could dominate and control me so easily if they wanted to. I love knowing that.

How tall is your son, and why is he at total ease with it?<br />
<br />
Just seems strange to me...<br />
I wrote my not so happy short story as well, click my nick for it.

I am a 4'11 woman and I agree, everyone in the workforce gets a kick out of making extremely rude short comments. It takes so much control not to point out how fat those same people are. As you mentioned, it's only acceptable to make rude comments to short people, not grotesque people who are barely 4 inches taller. I know society is even more critical of short men, but I have known a few really short guys that are some much smarter, wittier, and more accomplished than a lot of average-height or tall men. I dated a man who was 5'2 for about 4 years and had so much more respect for him than random taller men. You're absolutely right- success is the best revenge. The moment people start mentioning your height is when you see how desperate they are to bring you down to their level (pun intended). Congrats on being a hard worker and successful guy!

Wow! That was inspirational! I may be taller than you, but i still look up to u.

Well how come I never seem to come up with them!

I bet he wouldn't have come up with such good come-back lines!

Does your mother know that you exist?!!!! lol SO cruel...but I love it!<br />
<br />
But everything else (other than your boss that is) doesn't take long for people to forget all your short comings (!) or minority traits...<br />
<br />
I do know what you mean though...being someone who looks very different to most people in my area, there are times where I feel like I have to prove to them that I get be just as good as the next person...if not better, to be treated like anyone else...but sometimes I think its me who has the prejudice, and that causes me to imagine a difference in the way that people treat me.<br />
<br />
But if it wasn't for the way that I look...I probably wouldn't be the person I was today! So without your shortness...I wonder where your life would have led...

Maybe short on height but long on EP ;) you and EP go back a long way PW! <br />
<br />

yeah i'm 19 and 5'4". i weight about 100 lbs. My nickname at work is "smalls". When i buy cigarettes I commonly hear "you look like you're twelve." some clerks just laugh before even asking for my id. I go into bars, and generally at least one dumb drunk ***** says "what are you doing here? you look 14." I reply "i was just about to ask you that. You look not a day older than 45." I drip sarcasm like an old coffee filter at 6 a.m. And like many above me seem to be saying none of this would matter if women didn't care about height. But they do. and i can't find clothes that fit either.

studies show....I am going to possibly contradict myself.... but studies show suggest a 'meekness'<br />
There are women who find confidence and defiance sexy. So aim for the middle. And you'll end up there.

Thank you for the encouragement. But at 57 hope is running out. You're right not all women, but studies have shown that most do. Sorry for sounding negative but I'm really frustrated.

you hang in there. I don't think all women care about men's height

I could move on to buying clothes. Now that's always an adventure, literally. A week long event or more just to find one pair of pants that are near my size but still too big and there are so few of those that the selection sucks. If I were wealthy I'd have my clothes tailor made. Oh yes and there's the public mens room where I have to stand on my tip toes to pee in the urinal cause it's so high or use the toilet instead. But you know I could over look all of that if women weren't so prejudiced against short men. Without a doubt some don't care, a small few, but most do care. 98 per cent of personal ads from women specify height no less than 5'5". And to be perfectly honest about it, the ads that specify 5' 0" or shorter, make me suspicious. That's because of my life experience. It's hard not to be bitter or angry especially when the taller humans always tell you "its all in your head, height doesn't matter, women don't care about height, blah, blah, blah". How's that :)

dude, you have only begun to speak.. we need to hear more. Keep going

Bravo, bravo, bravo. I'm 5'2", 57 year old man and know exactly what you've gone through over your height. I've felt the prejudice and you're right, there should be a law. But every time I bring it up it's my own psychological complex that's the problem, not the rest of society, oh no. I'm divorced with a 22 y/o daughter who I am very proud of as well. Having her in my life has given positive meaning the trials and tribulations I've endured. I've been divorced for 17 years and haven't had a date for 15 years. I least when I was younger my height wasn't as much of an obstacle with dating. I managed to get dates every few years, but no relationships. I'm Army Veteran and had to prove myself to to other men (usual with physical violence, but I never started it) until I developed this aura that seems to scare people before they even attempt to give me grief about my height or pick on me. Perhaps that's why I don't attract women either. I don't know, but now I'm rambling so I'm gonna shut up.

I am a 5 '4 MD with no girlfriend for the past 38 years of my life. I am planning to end my life because of that.

Wonderful wonderful story. Need the bartenders attention? hold on....*grabs a stool and jumps up and whistles*....<br />
I'm only 5'4"...;-)<br />
Oh, and a Bacardi and lime for me, or Grey Goose will do. Thanks.

4'11" here!!

Ah, but the touch of bitterness was offset by the humour at the end of your story. This says that you have not let it rule your life. Bravo! Besides, short just means you are closer to the ground when you stumble so it hurts less, and short is great if you need to get through a crowd of people in a hurry!