5'3, 5'4 Does It Matter Im Short

god do i hate being short, as a kid growing up i was always the shortest around. When your growing up you hate being short but at times its ok cuz when your young it can at time be considered to be cute, but now being 18 and 5'4 doesnt really make u that attrative if your a guy. It limits your options in dating as i pretty much wont date a girl thats more than 2 or 3 inches taller than me, pretty embarassing being the average height of a 14 year old girl, as a male =/..

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I've always gone for the really petite women, never liked women taller than me, my own height, or even within an inch of me. My wife (something I thought I'd never have!) is two inches shorter than me, so I'm happy. Never pass up the opportunity to socialize with a really short woman -- most of 'em are gems, really down to earth and none of the bitchiness and superior attitude that tall or even average-height women have.

I wish it was that simple TheRed19.<br />
First off, theres a real almost physical pain with being friendzoned, especially from someone you are sexually attracted to (lust) or feel sexual intimacy with (love).<br />
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Secondly, its like putting a target sign on your back. As everyone notices a taller girl/shorter guy combo. For men who arent physically strong, this is downright scary. It only gets worse if you dont fit into society personality wise - as I dont. Then you instinctively feel attacked on all fronts.<br />
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My story illustrates this. I dont know how many other guys our size can get over it, or just not care. I wish I had percentages on this, so I would know how much of an anomaly I am.. Meaning, given female attraction, they have no problem going for it. But as female attraction to shorter guys is so rare, I cant gauge.

Iight I'll get to it now

Btw...read my story.

Yeah I know it really does limit your options

It limits your options in dating as i pretty much wont date a girl thats more than 2 or 3 inches taller than me.<br />
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At least youre willing to date a woman 2 or 3 inches taller. I just cant, believe me, I WANT to, but it seems I cant. Some instinct that I cant control.

Yeah it must be pretty **** being a short male. Im over six feet and women love it. I got a short uncle and auntie so I have short cousins and I always feel for them when we are all together at a function standing around. But, and this is true, I have seen lots of babes with fat men, ugly men and very short men. So even though its looks and height than women go for first its personality that gets them in the end. I have Tourettes I should know