Not A Problem... Usually.

I'm 17, and since I'm five foot one and have -ahem- girlish features (yes, I do mean small boobs) I look around twelve or thirteen.
Normally, when it comes to the retail environment, that's not a problem--I just get a step stool, no biggie.
But... I work in a store that happens to have a toy section.

By "toy section," a lot of parents seem to think we mean "day care center," and they just drop their kids and go. Kids think: Hey, look, toys! Kids try to open said toys. I get on to the kids.
Usually, not a big deal. But one time...

A kid, around ten years old, had pulled a skateboard out of its package before I could get to him. I told him to stop riding it because he could get hurt, and to wait till he got home to play with it. He said okay and stopped, but as soon as he thought I wasn't looking, he went at it again.
I asked him where his mom was, and he pointed. I had him come with me, and told the woman he pointed out, "Ma'am, it's not safe to leave your children unattended in-store. He could get hurt--he was just skateboarding between aisles, and almost bumped into a rack. He could have seriously hurt himself."
I was going to continue with a please-blah-blah-blah, but she looked me up and down and cut me off with, "What are you, twelve? You can't tell me how to do my job as a parent!"
I held up my nametag. "Ma'am, I'm just doing MY job, and that involves doing my best to see that no one gets hurt."
"You just mind your own business and go back to putting up clothes."

At that point I got my manager... she all but cowered when she saw him come up (he's about six foot two), and scolded her son immediately. Usually I don't have a problem with being short, but occasionally... yeah, it would pay to be tall.
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Yeah that kind of sucks. The thing is, some people think I'm older and some people think I'm younger than I am. You can get in awkward situations because of both.

That lady shouldn't be parenting if she's letting her kid ride a skateboard around a story crawling with opportunities for him and others to get hurt. And then she yells at you for trying to stop him. Age, shouldn't matter, you just have common sense and are looking out for others. Good for you.

It would be great to be taller (I'm 5 feet!) but then I realize that there are people WAY shorter than me and I guess I feel grateful. Btw theres always heels in the closet when I need them (:

Wow, I looked 12/13 when I was 17 too. I was about 5ft 6, so not as short as you, but very small build, no body development at all and a very young face... so all that made me look shorter, if you get my drift. Everyone said I was little and after a while I gave up trying to point out I was not the smallest person!

i'm 18 and i'm even shorter than you. :(

Being short isn't so bad, it's the deck you've been dealt and it's not a very bad hand if I may say so myself.<br />
<br />
I'm 5'10 and even though I'd rather be shorter I've learned over time to accept my genes and just move on without constantly worrying about something that is part of the way I am. <br />
<br />
At my house I constantly hit my head on a low hanging light above our kitchen table. When I fall now my bigger body (182 llbs) takes more of an impact from when I was a small little lad. (I used to constantly run around and purposely fall into a fetal position and roll around when I was bored as a kid lol)<br />
<br />
<br />
Not to mention my job requires me to get into small spaces from time to time. <br />
I usually have trouble getting into these nooks and crannies while all the smaller men I work with have no problem getting into a tight space.<br />
<br />
But alas there are also perks that I enjoy with this, like I can hide my snacks on the highest shelf in my houses storage and nobody else from my family can reach it. I can outrun ANYBODY, and I mean ANYBODY when it comes to 100 yard sprinting. My friend and I raced the other night to see who could get to the Shell station from the edge of the Airport Plaza in Hazlet NJ quicker. I was already at Shell way before my friend had the chance to cross the highway x3<br />
<br />
The point I'm trying to make is that there's nothing wrong about being short, and young looking. (I constantly get ID'd for cigarettes even though I'm 20. I honestly take it as a compliment for being mistaken as a 16 year old alot :3) <br />
<br />
You just need to accept yourself for who you are, and embrace your perks over us tall people. Not to mention when short people get their height boosted through surgery, they usually turn out better then when a tall person gets their height lowered. But don't do surgery, it apparently can be very dangerous from what little I've read on it. :(

You never realise what Aholes the public are till you have to serve them. <br />
You handled it well :)

Oh, guys, I didn't mean to complain about my small boobs--I don't have a problem with them. I just mean that because of that and my height, I look pretty young, and people tend to mistake me for being younger than I am.

hey, that is a bless you dont realize. men are really turned on by girls that are of legal age but look tenderly young 12-13.....especially if you have small boobs.

I totally understand you. I'm not extremely short-- I'm 5' 2.5" (I never leave out that "and a half"!! haha) but I also don't have the most voluptuous figure, and my face is very young-looking. I'm 18 but I have been mistaken for 12 as well. It is most frustrating when girls my age or slightly younger treat me as if I am younger than they are just because they are taller or have bigger boobs or whatever, but at least it's some comfort to know that as long as we stay away from cigarettes and extreme amounts of sun we will be laughing in their faces by the time we're 40 or so and still get carded. =)

As a bloke let me asure you that to many men small boobs are the sexiest thing bout women. <br />
As for the ignorant parent, and I sy that loosesl, all you had to point out was that as a member of the store staff it was your duty to point out the dangers of being an irresponsible parent and allowing their children to do what they liked.<br />
The way kids have turned out in the UK they should comewith a built in cyanide capsule so you can slap them one and it breaks.<br />
Oh yes I have four children from 26 to 34 and they didn't cause us any trouble what-so-ever and it was only how we told them what to do that was needed. That was with me and my wife splitting up when they wee young s well.

great example of height discrimination.. .I like your attitude.

great example of height discrimination.. .I like your attitude.

Good point above on posting a notice saying employees are not respnsible for unattended children. very clever.<br />
<br />
how you handled it was totally perfect. there are always good points and bad points in every job. thing is to make the job fun and emphasize the good points. And emphasize your good points.<br />
<br />
I also have small boobs and small body but have never let this interfere with my ability to create on my job. i always do the job i am in with the idea that it wil help ime in my next job. and have found it usually does.

It depends on how you were raised.. children learn more by what they see than what they are taught. They grow up believeing it's okay to do certain things and treat people a certain way unless they meet requirements or look a specific way. It's not right, but it's how it is sometimes. She's young, but when you get older, you realize that looks play a very SMALL part in the big scheme of things.. no one has the right to treat anyone with such disrespect.. regardless of what they look like. the mother of that child (in the beginning of this thread) treated her with such disrespect.. and spazz has been taught that it's because of how she looks.. it's just not right.

A woman wants more than anything to be thought of as attractive.. and if the world, her friends, people she knows, and sees on a daily basis (men and women alike) are giving the impression, that in order to be thought of as beautiful & gain respect, than you must posess certain features. One of which is boobs you can see.. and you don' t have that, inseurity will surely follow.. that's just one example though, as you know, their are many lies we believe about what we must look like before we're accepted or thought of as pretty.. it's a fine line though, because it's well known that as soon as you do achieve "perfection" immediatley you're looked at in a different way, and many times it's not the most posative/upstanding way.. almost like it's a ticket to disrespect you if you don't meet certain requirements.. but even when you meet them, some still treat you badly. ..If a woman knows her value though, she will not try to get a guy with her looks, but for some,, that's the only example they've ever been taught.. You're correct, not all men are pigs.. but when you've had so many experiences that say otherwise, it's difficult to not jumble them all together.. but just like a few bad women can ruin a mans hope of finding a good one.. the opposite is true as well.. you seem to be one of the good ones..

I think that is an unfair statement by calling all men pigs. You can't stereotype all men by because of other peoples' behavior. What is it that bothers you about the men in your experience that you would choose to make that statement? I for one will not turn a woman down on a date because she has small boobs, nor make fun of a woman due to her bust size or disrespect her. It really doesn't matter, looks are not the most important thing, I think the personality is more important and intellect than looks. It is a huge mistake to be with someone for looks alone to base a relationship on. Forgive us men that have brought out this insecurity and any hostility.<br />
<br />
We are all one<br />
<br />

Im 16 and Ive been told I look around 10 :(! Im a little taller but I have really babyish features and a younger figure too. I know how it feels!<br />
That women sounded so rude though, Im glad she was put in her place in the end :)

Ps. I'm 30 in a matter of weeks and am quite happy with my small boobs :) Don't have to worry about back pain, breast cancer, or frustration because men seem to forget where my eyes are :) <3

I can assure you the size of your chest had NOTHING to do with the lack of parenting skills in some of todays parents.. They just cannot be bothered to keep an eye on their offspring if they believe someone else will momentarily take the reins. You dealt with it well.. However, if you feel this is a continuing issue of safety, perhaps talk to the manager, and see if you can post a sign somewhere that says "employees are not responsible for unattended children" it will also get the company off the hook in case of liability issues, I'm assuming those things are already written up in a forgotten filing cabinet somewhere.. but it's important to bring these things to the forefront when they are issues, so they don't become lawsuits. Also, chaging what you look like, or increasing the size of your chest will not get you respect, you don't want that kind of attention. Men are pigs my dear.. Be confident in who you are right now!

Enjoy looking younger than you really are. It's a drag now but you'll love it when your 40.

Sounds like you handled it OK, there are always some ******** who wanna get there own way. But being short and having small boobs is something to be proud of, it's certainly my favourite build! ;-P

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hello .. u should try become more confidently with coustomers ... and also u should massage ur b**bs to make them bigger ... u can also try padded bra .