Being Short Is A Complex!!

I've always been the shortest in my class.
I just graduated from high school (18 years old in 2 months) and still suffring from insults all for being short(158cm about 5feet 2 inches) and thin(42 kg).
I'm even invisible from guys who ignore my age.
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3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

have you noticed how nobody asks how tall you are just "WOAH! how short ARE you?!" im in middle school but everybody i meet thinks im in like 4th grade. im in advance math though so they think im some kind of little boy genius. :)

Its considered cute.<br />
Im really short but at times i feel as tall as the sky.Its all about the psychology of it.

LOL,your tall....People never ask how tall i am,they always say how short r u..I'm 5ft nothing.